to my wolf

I’m opening up my life notes
that knowledge; what is it worth?
you gave me half of all orgasms
that I ever had since my birth

you were just my fourth lover
the second I considered seriously
and then suddenly you got so close
my emotions spawned mysteriously

I used to stare at pegasi wings
and found my love in your fur’s smell
even though you’re not really a wolf
you did play your role rather well

you spent so much time with me
treating me in all the various ways
and I just wanted more of you
more of those simple and happy days

I made you become my wolf back then
to feel it through with my own kind
you said you wanted a different life
but really; I was just a bit blind

you’re still a pone; although lovely
I still look for a good breed for me
being a wolf is not really simple
being someone I so wanted you to be

I know you for one fourth of my life
suffered a lot; and learned a lot
you weren’t always sincere with me
although were always eager to knot

I pushed back from having relationship
I wanted us to be just simple friends
my feral mind stopped accepting you
and I thought that it’s where it ends

and now I got this little gift for you
waiting until I can fly to you myself
maybe possess the body and even hug you
and I just want to be honest to self

I need you in my life; no doubt in that
and I will make it happen; if needed
you can think you’re pone and lewd around
but I got a wolf in your mind seeded

I will just wait; no matter how long
wait until you will come to me one day
until you’re ready to think like a wolf
and then we will have our little play

it’s a very big thing that I as for; eh
but I think my reason is really good
I can only create new life with a wolf
but giving all up; don’t know if you should

the dream you gave me is just that; a dream
but somehow it calms me and makes secure
the thought that I can have a real family
a real pack… makes my wolf thoughts pure

maybe it will happen some day; maybe not
but if fight for something; I’ll fight for it
it’s a very big and strong reason for me
and I’m not going to back off even a bit

rest; have fun; enjoy your life in fullest
remember all that experiences; and then
learn to howl; brace yourself and come here
your wolf is waiting for you in your den

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