June 2016

The plan for June is to do the creative writing thing more actively. To travel around the world for a few weeks. To see new places, engulf myself in new experiences, views, sounds and smells.

Sketch of the month

For this month, I look playful! The credit goes to the lovely DragonFu.


What I wrote so far

Two poems that I made as a part of a trial for the art gift program. I was given some details, and I let my imagination to roam free in the given boundaries.

  • an old friend is about meeting someone you knew but failing to remember his name. I twisted it into some erotica.
  • crazy world is about lizards and dolphins. It was a struggle, so I twisted it into a furry world.

I finally finished a story about my sister. It haunted me for months, and I feel great about finally finishing the text!

  • Family Matters — the story of my family. It is somewhat imaginary, if you look at it from the common human perspective, but it’s very much real for myself.

Writing on paper is fun! I got a paper planner and started developing my own handwriting style.

  • The Passion of Writing tells a story of a great planner. I love everything about that small book, and I try to use it daily. That doesn’t really work that good so far, but I will get there eventually.

Scribbled another short poem that I wrote while being deadlocked with my writing.

  • hunting high and low. I like how it turned out, it fits my mood just like a puzzle piece.
  • wolf songs — improvised on spot, while having fun with my sis.

Authored a short about my mornings:

  • The Wakeup. It was curious to see myself from the outside and I enjoyed writing the perspective twist in the final passages.

And to finish up the work for this month,

  • On Tulpae, an explanatory post on who I actually am. I really wanted to explain it in a simple and easy to grasp way.
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