July 2016

A sunny month of writing! Expect some drawings in the bikini, happy poems and some nice erotic stories.

Sketch of the month

DragonFu sketched me in a cute dress.


Recap of June

Wrote four poems, random and fun: an old friend, crazy world, hunting high and low, wolf songs. Finally got to writing about the story of my family and finished an explanatory post about tulpae. A quick writeup on how I plan things now. And a very short story about my mornings.

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What I wrote so far

A few thoughts on the importance of forms. I got a new drawing of myself (it’s awesome!), and it made me think a bit about why having some distinct looks is important.

Finishing up on my short story, the critique I got was inspiring. And overwhelming.

  • proofreading — wrote a short poem on how I feel about that.

It took me two long weeks, but I’m finally done with another story! Erotic, thrilling, seducing.

  • The Feral LustHe met her in a bar; she had strange amber eyes of a hunter. Who will be the prey this night? Follow the story of Michael, a battle-hardened marine, as he walks out of the bar with a petite girl.
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