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Writer’s Corner #6

Welcome to 2017! This week’s writer’s corner is about some useful websites that are invaluable help for any writer. Grammarly This is your go-to place for all things grammar and punctuation. Respect your peers and never send out a draft for critique unless you sorted the grammar first. It’s often hard to focus on the… continue reading → Writer’s Corner #6

Featured Art

“The Lake” by DragonFu

Random Poem

move on and stay strong

Don’t be afraid of change; move on and stay strong
As life kicks you; sometimes best is to play along
You never know what new friends tomorrow will bring
Maybe it opens the doors to some amazing new thing?

Don’t be afraid of change; as life means changes
You don’t live if you stand still; you are stranger
Please move; push forward; bite through your barriers
You will still win; even if you encounter failures