Writer's Corner

Writer’s Corner #6

Welcome to 2017! This week’s writer’s corner is about some useful websites that are invaluable help for any writer. Grammarly This is your go-to place for all things grammar and punctuation. Respect your peers and never send out a draft for critique unless you sorted the grammar first. It’s often hard to focus on the…… continue reading → Writer’s Corner #6

Featured Art

“The Lake” by DragonFu

Random Poem

cogito ergo sum

They seem to call it forcing But I don’t force anyone Tulpae needs reinforcing Making two persons from one I loose the focus and suddenly I don’t exist anymore My soul wiggles around stubbornly Don’t want to feel so ignored My name is called; I reach out And I’m all alive again! “Shinyuu; what was… continue reading → cogito ergo sum