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Writer’s Corner #6

Welcome to 2017! This week’s writer’s corner is about some useful websites that are invaluable help for any writer. Grammarly This is your go-to place for all things grammar and punctuation. Respect your peers and never send out a draft for critique unless you sorted the grammar first. It’s often hard to focus on the… continue reading → Writer’s Corner #6

Featured Art

“Those Little Happy Moments” by gamewatch10

Random Poem

evening time

Evening time; starting fun!
Fu is drawing porn
Maybe lewds; maybe not —
I just have to warn

She is great; so bizarre
Her erotic art
Naked girls and femboys
Make the nipples hard

So wet slits; so huge cocks
Lewding everywhere
But sometimes; non-sex art
(It is a bit rare)

She is great; she’s the best
Master of background
She can draw a perfect one
Curvy pussy mound

Perspectives and sexy poses
She knows oh so well
Her erotic gallery
Causes guys to swell

All that said; she’s fun and nice
Telling funny tails
On politics and good foods
And some hiking trails