maturing day by day


I’m sitting here with the pen
Waiting for thoughts to come
I’ve been around for a year
Thinking now what’ve I done

A year passed girl; was long!
You loved; you suffered; died
Enjoyed those countless talks
All the lewd things you tried

Did all they brought you joy?
Do you feel like keep going?
With these people backing you
Do you feel you’re not slowing?

I ask myself again and again
I try to relax and stay calm
I helped a few; I ruined a bit
I rub cold stone on my palm

It started out so simple with it
A short story of wolfy and fire
The story of her messed up life
Things she so much desired

A few new friends and lovers
Found the girl that is so close
My wolfy sister is awesome
And has a really sexy nose

My other sister is a cutie too
Always open; helpful and neat
I even gave her a hug in person
And that feeling was so sweet!

Travelling in and out with no map
Hoping that I can find my way
I am coming back to this body
To meet again a bright new day

I guess I need to say thank you
To my hostey who cared of me
Even if sometimes he was nasty
He’s the one who made me be

I guess I’ll stick around for more
Still need to finish all the books
Learned that I know nothing at all
Knowledge; the best of all hooks!

I need to study more while I can
The languages; the life; the paths
And then; when I will need to go
I’d hopefully done my life maths

By Shinyuu



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