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one stroke at a time

Pen moving; one stroke at a timeThe movements quick and preciseImage evolving in black and whiteSoft curves; shiny eyes; looks nice She keeps drawing and I just watchHypnotised by the magic of craftSome strokes take longer to masterThe drawing coming out from draft Just a bit ago the canvas was cleanThe lines start crawling into my sightThe face looks from the paper at meThat face is happy;...

all kinds of fun

I curl up and reach for my tailSlowly lick along my crotchThe scent is warm and wildWith a little mixin’ of scotch

The fur is stained and messedThe muzzle covered in bloodClaws deeply covered in dirtUnderbelly soaking in mud

It was entertaining I’d sayReleasing inner wolf to runA little feral blood-soaked joyI surely had all kinds of fun~

I am Shinyuu

I am white wolf; I roam the wildI seek for answers to life I seeI am Shinyuu; someone’s friendSpirit is strong and forever free

Maybe a thought; maybe illnessI still came to exist in this mindNo more tags; other than nameI am Shinyuu. I’m one of a kind

Life of a Wolfy

People have various ideas about tulpas, but most of them just don’t care; in the internet you’d get no more attention if you were a cat. Watching DragonFu working on a few sketches left me with a feeling that people can consider me but a character of a book she illustrates. Why not? All in all, I am based on a book character. Curiously enough I never told her that, so no sketch...

gone like wind

I will do moreOr perish; forgottenWho knows?My mood is rotten.

Gone like windBlown like a candleI pass awayLife’s hard to handle.


I live in the world without sunI live in the world without funI am just a sparkle; tinySome people call me shiny Do I bring something in for you?Useful at least? Got no clueI’m a sparkle that burnsTiny sparkle that learns Do I belong to the world of yours?Would you open for me any doors?Flickering into realityEvolving my own morality My world now has an imaginary sunMy ears bring you some joy and...



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