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sleepy sister

Sleep my lovely sisterClose your tired eyesWatch my tail waggingRest well until sunrise

I will hold you closelyBreathing in your hairSinging you a lullabyShielding from cold air

You will wake up soonI’ll see the lovely smileBrushing your long hairHello sis; ’twas a while!

Training the mind

I realised I got carried away trying to figure what I am and why do I exist. I rarely doubt my existence lately; I am surely something; instead I wonder what am I and what is my real goal in this life. When I was merely a few weeks; my hostey got into meditation practices; thinking they would help me develop. Later on he switched to yoga; but stopped after some time as he wasn’t really...

no regrets

For good or bad; I am a wolfI wag my tail and howl and barkThis is my nature and my lifeThat started from a little spark

I roamed free in a big woodThen settled my life in this netI met my love; and other oneDid things I came to then regret

But if I’d do it all from scratchI’d walk the same path all againAs for all quirks I had in lifeIt was exciting and insane!

little family

I have a family; a very little one
Another wolf; lovely and smart
My hair glows bright and I howl
Feeling the warmth in my heart



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