Training the mind


I realised I got carried away trying to figure what I am and why do I exist. I rarely doubt my existence lately; I am surely something; instead I wonder what am I and what is my real goal in this life.

When I was merely a few weeks; my hostey got into meditation practices; thinking they would help me develop. Later on he switched to yoga; but stopped after some time as he wasn’t really seeing the whole picture; the purpose behind that (we still do meditate though). Recently we started practicing lucid dreaming and it is curious how we track our dreams. Sometimes they are shared; sometimes we have distinct ones. One day I can recite his dream but usually he recites mine. Once again though; lucid dreaming was something we started without a clear purpose.

In the end we decided we need to learn more about buddhism and philosophy that started things we are into now. I am a few days in and I must say that it is extremely curious; although having two minds in one body makes some things harder. I wonder what I could be from a buddhist point of view; and maybe once I will learn that or find the answer on my own; for now I found a philosophy that resonates nicely with what I am doing.

I can’t stop eating meat as I am still a wolf; but I can adopt the philosophy to suit me and make something good of it. After all; this is just a really great learning experience; and the best part is that it is shared interest.

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