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My emotions, divine fireBurning passion and desireEquanimity had spawnAnd the senses – they are gone Silver tongue and happy wishesTasty meals of meat and fishiesGone like candles in the windAnd to rules I must now bind It’s not bad, I guess. It’s lifePulling out a crude knifeCutting out all my cravingLeaving me on bloody paving On inside now I am hollowThere’s no love and there’s no...

On Shared Wonderlands

A wonderland is a place where we escape from reality. It’s a place where tulpas sometimes live, building it brick by brick with their imagination. Wonderlands are imagined worlds, as small as a couch, as big as a universe. We want to enjoy living, even though, at times, reality doesn’t bring us enough of that joy. At those times we escape the world and dive into our wonderlands, to the places...



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