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Sex – what is the question?

It was a while since I raised the topic of tulpa and sex. The last post on the matter—[Considerations of Intercourse for Tulpae](/2015/10/considerations-of-intercourse-for-tulpae/) was the most popular post on my blog ever for almost a year. People are curious about tulpae and sexuality.

I made a further research on this topic, and today I’m going to present my new findings.

The Howling

It’s the holidays season coming right up, and with that, the birthday of my sister. I thought it’d be very appropriate to get another drawing for her, but this time I was thinking about covering the whole weird family of ours. [DragonFu](/leaving-to-dragonfu/) was very kind to work on this special painting with me. Indeed, this painting is very different from her traditional art, but it was fun...

to you

I am the wolfI am the fireI am the bladeAnd the desire

The craft of wordThe heart of painThe song inside –The tune of rain

The scent of furAttentive eyesToo long caninesA feral guise

It is all meBut what I knew?Important partOf me – is you

Writer’s Corner #3

Writer’s Corner episode three is out! Let’s discuss some planning things today. Everything You Need to Know About Planning Your Novel – it’s a huge and excessive list, but it has lots of valid points. Be sure that you have an ample backstory worked out, and a good projection of where you intend to take this person.This is the character that will be dragging your reader by their...

in requiem

I am shattered. Broken. TornMy sanity is lostI can’t find any calm in lifeI am a gloomy ghost

Those I trusted aren’t thereThey are goneOnes I loved – do they care?I am done

Huge dreams for tiny wolfAnd I failedOverwhelmed, freezing nowI’m in pain

There is darkness in the lightEats me aliveOnly jealousy roams freeTime to die.

Writer’s Corner #2

Welcome to the second episode of the writer’s corner. Today I’ll discuss some tools of trade. 5 Writers on Scrivener – I use scrivener for my writing. I love it. Get comfortable. One of the great things about Scrivener is how flexible it is. You can set the full-screen editor up exactly how you like, with your favourite font, line height, line width, even a background image. If you...



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