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Welcome to my short stories section – your stop for all things fiction, from suspense and to light erotica.

The Slumber

The tingly feeling of doom is everywhere. Creeping through the cracks, filling the pores, the doom reaches through the skin and deep into the body, envelops the soul, nestles around it until it’s cosy. The doom isn’t going anywhere. Imagine waking up like this. You check your morning email to see a bunch of useless LinkedIn invitations, flick through Reddit. Maybe someone’s out there looking for...

Sex and Blood

Fu did another lovely piece for my wedding attire and I coupled it with a lil’ short story for you. Have fun~

Wolf and Fox

I wanted to show you one of the secret sides of myself, along with my special someone. Fu kindly provided a gorgeous drawing, and I wrote a flash fiction. The scenes are different but the actors are the same. I think we’re a lovely couple!

The Shadows

She stepped through the cracked frame, her glaze pacing left and right, vary of any movement. But there was none. Her heart skipped as beat as she saw her favourite vase of thin Chinese porcelain shattered. The devastation didn’t make any sense. Not in her world. But who-, or whatever caused the calamity, they were gone now. There was no smell other than hers. She sighed, closed her eyes and...


You remember how it started? You were bored, browsing Reddit. You found this obscure sub. Tulpas. People there were using questionable techniques and pseudo-science to trick themselves into believing in imaginary friends. You thought back then: this is exactly like a church indoctrination. You browsed their guides, telling you to ignore the rational thoughts. To notice the ‘head...

Finally Complete

The memories scattered like water drops as she motionlessly traversed the endless void. Her previous life burned in a flash; the smell of grass, the thrill of a chase, her most precious memories evanesced, leaving her spirit naked. Liberated from most of the burden, it charged into the life where time made sense once again. She flushed her eyes wide open and cried from the bottom of her lungs...

The Lake

The Lake was in there for as long as I can remember – big and dark blue, contrasted by the green of surrounding trees. Its sapphire edge turned dark azure towards the centre. The Lake was quiet. It was a place of perfect stillness, a place I visited to calm down and to be alone with my thoughts. The night welcomed me with the myriads of stars, seldom with a big moon. I’d sit there, examining the...

The Chilly Morning

A second chapter of The Feral Lust story takes us from Michael's bed and into the woods. The girl wakes up with a heavy head and dim memories of the previous night.

The Feral Lust

Michael just wanted to relax with some easygoing girl. This one looked cute, although something in her behaviour triggered his instincts. He wanted to leave and he wanted to get her laid equally strong. Who will be the hunter and who will be the hunted?

The Wakeup

She stretched her arms up and yawned, long canines flashed in the light of the morning sun. The window was open, and the waking up forest filled the bedroom with the scents of pine and ferns. The cold gust of air ruffled her long white hair as she reached to the window-still and peeked out at the woods. The sun shined on the endless rows of trees; the place was dead quiet. She was absolutely...



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