The Chilly Morning


Ohni woke up with a moan. Her slumberous eyes opened to a sight of dust and sparse vegetation – she was lying belly down on the muddy trail. She scuffled to get up, moved into a sitting position and examined herself: dirt under her nails, scratches and bruises on her hands. Her whole body felt sore. She shook the dust off her exposed breasts and stomach and sighed.

The morning sun shone on her through the trees. Ohni closed her eyes and focused on the surroundings. The breeze stroked her exposed skin, leaves rustled over her head, a cuckoo bird sang a song in the distance. She weaved her inhuman ears, covered with soft white fur, listening for any immediate danger, but everything was calm. Her nostrils flared, noticing a scent of a rabbit and her tail flicked against her best judgement. Her stomach growled.

It wasn’t Scotland, but she knew this place. A few months ago, her sister Alejandra had decided that it was time for them to reunite. She had called Ohni one rainy spring day and said she’d secured an excellent plot of land; it was in the US, though. Ohni enjoyed her life in eastern Scotland, but the longing for her sister was stronger. She had packed her few belongings and left two days after the call.

Ohni had no idea how Alejandra got her hands on this land – it was a private territory on the grounds of a national park. Her sister dodged that question, as she did with any topic that involved politics. They owned a big chunk of a forest now, complete with an old house located next to a lake.

She rubbed her temples, trying to remember the last night. Definitely, she had been drinking. Alejandra would not be happy. Ohni sighed, got up, and stretched.

First things first, she needed to refresh herself. She took off, jogging along the trail toward the faint sound of water.

It took her twenty minutes to run uphill. The mucky trail became a rocky path, and she slowed her pace, walking until the trees parted and she stepped up to the edge of the cliff. The view on the lake opened in front of her.

It was oval-shaped, jammed between a low mountain range and the forest. Ohni knew that it flowed into a creek, continuing through the plains. Farmers owned that land.

The sound of rushing water was coming from a waterfall to her left. A river fed the lake, dropping down from thirty feet, smashing into the stones and flowing further. Tiny ripples traversed the surface, but the centre of the lake was static.

Ohni twitched her ear to a sudden raven caw and checked her surroundings. She wasn’t afraid of wild animals, more curious about them. Ravens travelled after wolves, but her nose made it clear, there were no wild packs nearby. Alejandra marked their territory along the border. The local pack howled from the other side of the lake at nights, communicating their disappointment, but they didn’t cross the invisible line. Trespassers were killed in the feral world, and she and Alejandra were more than capable to protect their borders. The food was plenty, and their land now separated wild wolves from farmers for the benefit of both—killing wolves on the farmland was legal.

She glanced from the cliff – the dark blue water below was a mirror of the sky above. Icy cold – she thought and smiled – exactly what she need. She backed up a few steps and lunged forward, jumping off the cliff. Her body pierced the surface. The sounds disappeared. She lost the sense of direction for a moment as the freezing water flushed into her ears, tensed up, looking around. The sunbeams stroke through the surface, illuminating the clear waters, but she couldn’t see the lakebed.

Ohni emerged two yards further away, spitting. Her snow white hair blocked her sight, and she brushed it away. She started swimming in circles, getting used to the cold, then turned toward the waterfall.

The rocks went up in a straight line, covered in moss and vegetation, with trees somewhere even higher. The water rushed down from up there, separating into several streams. The biggest one produced the loud noise as it churned the lake.

Ohni noticed Alejandra. Her sister laid down on a mossy boulder, resting on her elbows and presenting her skin to the sunlight in a natural grotto next to the waterfall. Silky walnut hair cascaded down her shoulders. Ohni waved her hand and swam towards Alejandra, climbed onto the stone and smiled. The waterfall protected them from any eyes on the shore; it was safe to expose the tails here.

‘You had a fun night.’ Alejandra’s ears twitched a bit; the fur was wet, but her skin looked dry already.

Ohni pouted.

‘Killed someone?’

‘Whom? Oh. No… I hope not.’ Ohni rubbed her ear, feeling ashamed, her tail tucked down between her legs.

Alejandra nodded. ‘You can’t restrain yourself.’

Ohni had felt the burning heat between her thighs since she came to this place; the move messed up her natural clock. Alejandra had no issues with being in heat and Ohni envied her.

Alejandra continued her lecture, every word stating the things that were obvious to Ohni.

‘You have to be in control of your desires; this is a good place, and we don’t need any talks about us.’ Alejandra sighed. ‘You’re trying to be like them, sis. Trying too much. Don’t forget who you really are, or it will break you again.’

Alejandra’s tail – smooth walnut fur, ending with a white tip – flicked side to side. Ohni flattened her ears, crawled to her sister, rested her head on Alejandra’s belly and curled up.

‘Hey!’ Alejandra giggled. ‘Don’t play a puppy with me.’

Ohni whined, but noticing her sister’s playful glare, she couldn’t stop from giggling too. After all, there was no anger in Alejandra’s scent.

Alejandra ruffled Ohni’s hair. ‘You smell of a man.’

Ohni blushed. ‘I need a shower,’ she said and hopped up.

The falling water carved a basin in the stone, and it was comfortable enough for showering – if it was quick. The sisters had made a cache in the rock two months ago when they figured this place was secure enough. Ohni reached into it and grabbed a shampoo bottle.

She poured the pale yellow liquid on her palm, noticing the scent of chamomile. Her fingers cleansed her scalp, giving tender touches to her wolfy ears, ran down over the neck. She cupped her breasts and rubbed her sides, then grabbed more shampoo and twisted her body a bit, massaging it into her tail. Alejandra glanced at her and turned her sight back to the lake.

The girls shared some features. Both were short: Ohni was 5’5”, and her sister was half an inch shorter. They both had small breasts and flat bellies, toned muscles textured their limbs.

Ohni took special care to clean her loins. She fondled her inner thigh and sniffed her fingers, noticing the faint smell of cum.

‘Want to tell me about your last night?’ Alejandra said without turning her head.


‘Want to tell me about anything that I should be concerned about?’

Ohni shrugged, her tail twitched, drops of water flicked off the white fur.

‘I don’t remember much.’

‘You need to take small steps, not dive into the human world.’

‘I tried to.’

‘You tried to contain your nature. Did it ever work?’ Alejandra turned her head, her ears, brown with white tips, twisted forward. Her azure eyes stared straight at Ohni, who cringed under the glare.

Ohni stepped away from the water and got down on her fours, crawled to Alejandra and rubbed noses. Alejandra giggled and hugged her.

‘Scotland was so much simpler.’ Ohni sighed.

‘You’ll get used to this place. Don’t rush it.’

‘Alex?’ Ohni rolled over and looked at her sister from down up. ‘Are you hungry?’

Alejandra tilted her head slightly. ‘What do you have in mind?’

‘We’d both feel better from an exercise.’

‘Elk.’ Alejandra chuckled. ‘They went up to the farmers’ land.’

‘So can we.’ Ohni wagged her tail.

Alejandra looked across the lake, towards the forest; a wrinkle crossed her forehead.

‘Please?’ Ohni presented her best smile.

‘Alright, let’s go have some fun. Was ages since I last hunted, but I’m sure I’ll beat you to it.’

‘Ha!’ Ohni hopped up. ‘That’s not happening.’

‘Just be careful.’

Alejandra sighed and stood up. Her strong profile was that of a hunter: lifted tail, attentive ears. A sudden howl raised from the depths of her body; the human throat made the sound weaker. Ohni joined immediately; her pitch was higher. They howled in unison, tones changing, mixing with each other. The sound glided over the lake, echoing from the other side, returning to them, multiplying, engulfing them.

‘Let’s go!’ Alejandra bared her teeth. She hopped over the wet stones, reached to the cave side and climbed up on higher ground. Ohni followed close after, and the forest opened before them.

Both girls returned to their feral bodies; their shapeshifting was swift but messy. The process caused bones to rip through the skin and shaped the body anew. Some insides never changed and always stayed wolf-like no matter the exterior, some, like teeth, they could morph with their will.

Ohni stood up, shook the pain off, and trotted towards her sister, who was impatiently bouncing from paw to paw.

Ohni’s senses became keen. She felt the swift currents of the wind touching the fur in her ears; she heard the grass moving, the leaves singing their song. Her acute sight noticed every little movement.

Still, the strongest change was the scent. Ohni breathed fully, feeling a myriad of subtle tones: grass, squirrels, racoons, weasels, the scent marks of her sister. From across the lake came the scent of other wolves—a wild pack. Also, the scent of elk, faint, but so mouthwatering, filling her with enthusiasm and driving her hunger. She eyed her sister and Alejandra bared her teeth, flicking her tail.

They charged off the cliff toward the scent that was calling them.

Ohni loved this. Running was one of the most enjoyable things for a young wolf; the feral wave washed out all concerns from her mind. She ran through the forest alongside her sister, her mind was busy with the wild scents.

They hopped over ferns, dodged trees, sometimes ran close, their sides rubbing against each other. Alejandra didn’t lead the chase, they equally anticipated things to come. The hunt was often dangerous for wolves, but they always longed for it. The chase felt ecstatic as they lost themselves in the single moment of their existence. The only thing that made sense was now.

Wolves almost flew between the trees. Their legs, long and strong, were well-suited for the lengthy chase. The paws hit the ground in the quick succession. Sisters mirrored each other, filled with determination and life.

Alejandra slowed her pace as they reached the end of the forest. She stepped out from behind the trees, looked at the valley opening down the hill. The wind was blowing straight into her muzzle and into her forward-focused ears; little hairs were twitching from its gusts.

Ohni stepped up to her side. Her tongue was out. She scanned the grass, her eyes followed along the stream down into the valley. Her nostrils flared.


The herd was resting next to the water, completely unaware of the threat. The sisters stood still, eyes moving from one creature to another, deciding which one would die today.

Ohni knew to be careful, or she could have ended the one biting the dust. Careless wolves could die from hooves. She had to remind herself she’s mortal, no matter how well her body sustained the damage. Shapeshifting brought immense pain but took the light scars away. It still couldn’t save from a hoof rupturing the skull.

Alejandra made a decision. Ohni immediately noticed how her sister’s relaxed body tensed up again. Instinct and skill dictated their actions from now on. Inner wolves took over their human counterparts.

They rushed downhill, barking and howling – a great amount of noise from only two of them. Elk turned their heads towards the sound. These animals never tried to face the danger, they ran away from it. Some elk hopped up on their legs, others jittered. It took them a few moments to realise the danger, but the sight of the other elk fleeing was enough to hurry. Sisters were after them, two small spots against a few dozens of their prey.

Ohni charged forward, circling the herd from the right side, snarling at elk but never getting too close. The stream became wider, turning into a river. It restricted the elk escape path, with Ohni guarding the right flank and Alejandra keeping on them from behind, testing the prey.

Time lost meaning. The scent of fear, the radiation of body warmth, the hot blood pulsing inside. Ohni could feel every sensation in her paws as they touched the ground, spine stretching a bit – hind paws following up, then hurling into the air again.

They switched to full-on gallop, hitting into the herd, their jaws with huge fangs clasped left and right. Elk rushed away, spreading out. A cow with a slight limp fell behind, but the herd wasn’t waiting for it. Just like the sisters planned.

Alejandra on the left, Ohni on the right, they caught up to the animal. The herd hurried away.

Ohni launched forward, her mind crystal clear. No doubt and no hesitation, no complex emotions. For that short moment, she was only a wolf. She eyed the cow from the side – the terrified animal was panting. It couldn’t run for much longer now. The chase made it weak.

The white wolf leapt into the air, dirt and grass falling from her paws, body stretched in the final moment of death. She turned her muzzle, jaws locked around the cow’s neck. She squeezed her teeth, pawing the air and the side of her prey. The dying elk was still dangerous.

Her maw filled with blood. Ohni felt a blunt thump – Alejandra struck the elk from the other side. The inertia continued to carry Ohni forward and under the falling cow. Trying to stop her slide, Ohni buried her hind paws into the ground, leaving deep scratches behind.

The cow slammed into the dirt and Ohni smashed next to it; releasing her grasp, rolling over and hopping back up. Her neck hurt from the tug. Her sight blurred momentarily. She shook her head and focused on the elk.

Alejandra rested her forepaws on the carcass. The grass was turning dark red around the huge tear in the neck. The cow’s eyes – blind now – stared at Ohni.

The wolf sniffed the air. The scent of her sister. Her own feral whiff. The death.

It felt right.

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