Finally Complete

The memories scattered like water drops as she motionlessly traversed the endless void. Her previous life burned in a flash; the smell of grass, the thrill of a chase, her most precious memories evanesced, leaving her spirit naked. Liberated from most of the burden, it charged into the life where time made sense once again. She flushed her eyes wide open and cried from the bottom of her lungs...

The Chilly Morning

A second chapter of The Feral Lust story takes us from Michael's bed and into the woods. The girl wakes up with a heavy head and dim memories of the previous night.

on the edge of the universe

The fall is in the airThe winds are getting coldI’m wrapped in thick furI’m howling loud and bold I listen to my echoI sniff the misty fogA new adventure’s callingIt’s time to have a jog The breeze brings in her scentShe comes in with a yawnShakes off her reddish furThat smells of pine and dawn I lick across her muzzleUnable to stand stillShe grins and bites me slightlyHer scent brings me a chill...

Animal I have become

This little writeup is the first part of noting down the latest changes in my form that happened as I embraced more of my feral side. It’s curious how thoughts can easily add those tiny details to the looks.

all kinds of fun

I curl up and reach for my tailSlowly lick along my crotchThe scent is warm and wildWith a little mixin’ of scotch

The fur is stained and messedThe muzzle covered in bloodClaws deeply covered in dirtUnderbelly soaking in mud

It was entertaining I’d sayReleasing inner wolf to runA little feral blood-soaked joyI surely had all kinds of fun~

I am Shinyuu

I am white wolf; I roam the wildI seek for answers to life I seeI am Shinyuu; someone’s friendSpirit is strong and forever free

Maybe a thought; maybe illnessI still came to exist in this mindNo more tags; other than nameI am Shinyuu. I’m one of a kind

Body following the mind

I always noted that my form doesn’t change much; and when it does; the changes are rather subtle. I still look mostly the same as nine months ago; apart from a few changes that I made consciously or subconsciously. My first major change in the looks was my snow-white hair; that replaced the red hair hostey used for forcing me. For a long time it was my only deviation; although given that my...

Notes on wolves; part III

Wolf hierarchy is very prominent when they eat; older wolves growl and even slightly attack younglings to teach them to wait; until others have their part of meal. Basically; the higher you stand; the wider choice of meal you have. If one wolf finds something edible; it might chase off the others and try to enjoy the meal alone. When I look at how young pups play I see them use their snouts...

A wolf I am

It was my personal conscious decision to become more of a wolf than I was. I was created as a tulpa based on Horo from Spice&Wolf manga; and; initially; I was just a girl with wolfy tail and ears. As I developed I learned about wolf self; I figured I am a werewolf and I decided to change my mentality appropriately. Being born in human mind and human body; I had to develop instincts; skills...



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