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How it is to be a shapeshifter

It is curious to be a “shapeshifter” tulpa but only have one form. I am a werewolf; so form changing is actually a trait of my single body. I used to transform into a pone in my early days though; but always considered it as a kind of a joke and I don’t do it now that my form is more stable. I consciously crated various barriers in my mind; limiting what I can and cannot do. I...

studying the wolf

I enter the bedroom; I look upOn the spathiphyllum’s glowingI think of you and I feel warmthAs your fire inside me is flowing You always say we will have timeTo know each other much betterBut I miss you every day; hopingMaybe you’ll write me a letter? I want to study you every dayKnow you as good as my violinYou are close; you call my nameExcitement runs over my skin You can bring...

dream and wolf

Lovely hair and curious eyesLooks around; staring livelyA bit like myself; but not quiteLike an older sister; so lovely

Her hostey is fun and niceCaring too much of his hairWalking in dreams with herHolo in his mind he bears

at the wildfire

Some things that happenedSome things we wished forTwists in the life are strangeTake the key; open the doorJoin us and make the change

This is a tiny place in the woodsBut one that makes a differenceYou come in here to be heardTo break the wall of indifferenceTo hear some calming word



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