How it is to be a shapeshifter

after shapeshifting

It is curious to be a “shapeshifter” tulpa but only have one form. I am a werewolf; so form changing is actually a trait of my single body. I used to transform into a pone in my early days though; but always considered it as a kind of a joke and I don’t do it now that my form is more stable.

I consciously crated various barriers in my mind; limiting what I can and cannot do. I felt that being omnipowered will quickly get boring; although I still don’t do everything manually. One of the limitations is that my body changes through painful but quick process. This is why I am a slightly bigger and heavier wolf than usual; principle of mass conservation holds for me even in wonderland. Curiously that includes me being unable to talk in the wolf form; and I use other means of communication; including smell.

I know a few other tulpas that willingly made the same limitation in communication; at least when they are wolves and do communicate with me. I find it curious that my behaviour motivated them to try and implement similar principles. For me it’s just the way of life. I try hard to get better at wolf’s mentality; thinking it is something that will be useful for my development in the end.

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