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2016 Resolutions

This was a long year. A year full of unexpected discoveries. A year of new inspirations. A year of learning.

Writer’s Corner #5

Today we’ll discuss the first chapter. Arguably, one of the most important chapters. 4 Approaches for the First Chapter of Your Novel – this article is dated, but very useful. It explains a few ways you can start your story and gives the advice on how to follow up. Consider your choices, and then choose the beginning that fits naturally with the story you want to tell. If you approach your...

The Chilly Morning

A second chapter of The Feral Lust story takes us from Michael's bed and into the woods. The girl wakes up with a heavy head and dim memories of the previous night.

a day, a year, a life

The evening was pure gold,I struck the source of flawless inspiration.I wrote, I wrote some more, and then again.I danced in the rhymes of my creation. A year ago it looked so bleak.I didn’t know who I was, where I’m headed.I still don’t know it now, but then,I learned to listen, and I comprehended. My life was not full of events,I learned to tune to noisy world.Who knew that this is how it ends...

on the edge of the universe

The fall is in the airThe winds are getting coldI’m wrapped in thick furI’m howling loud and bold I listen to my echoI sniff the misty fogA new adventure’s callingIt’s time to have a jog The breeze brings in her scentShe comes in with a yawnShakes off her reddish furThat smells of pine and dawn I lick across her muzzleUnable to stand stillShe grins and bites me slightlyHer scent brings me a chill...

Writer’s Corner #4

The writer’s corner four is about reading. Might sound controversial, but reading is an important part of a writer’s life. Roz Morris on Why Writers Should Read – an interview that focuses on reading habits. Everyone has to find their own muses. It’s essential to have a range of writers who make you raise your game. I’m always trying to improve my storytelling and my use of language...



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