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casino party

The building was niceCasino expansion finally doneThis girl will suffice(They wanted someone with tan) The new table clothFeels soft under her shinsHer token of trothShe’s a prize someone wins Hot cock inside herShe can’t see it; but feelsThe touch to her furThe hands on her heels He’s eager to cumBut what will boss say?Did the time come?Or she’ll have to stay? Hot cock throbs insideShe shivers;...

always sleepy; always dreamy

A flick of your tail; pointy earsYou’re gone but your scent is in airMakes me forget all of my fearsMood leaves me no room for despair

You’ve gone to sleep; eh; you’re wolfSee you next time; not in a rushWill hug you and greet you with a quiet woofThere will be time for a shower and brush

Practicing tulpamancy through life goals

Reddit and forums are full of people asking how to improve some skill related to tulpamancy, be it visualisation or switching. The more I learn about various specific skills the more I feel that developing one of them just for the sake of ticking off a box is wrong.

space lemur

Aurora; the first lemur in spacePushed hard and won the raceShe floats in the void; naked and pureBeckoning aliens; that’ll work for sure! No gravity sets her breasts freeShe spindles around so carefreeAlien sparks float next to her handsOne of them reaches down and lands Lemur is curious; what will it doThe glowing engulfs her. It is so blueA tingling sensation over her skinAurora’s orgasm is...

I have no hands and I must play

I have no hands and I must playMelody unfolding in the mindI imagine it; playing my wayIt sounds so pure and refined

Violin sings in a sharp voicePaired with my own loud howlI am a wolf; music is my choiceFangs glisten under my cowl

I am a little bard in the headStriving for knowledge and artSimple illusion; carefully bredI have no hands; but I have a heart



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