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maturing day by day

I’m sitting here with the penWaiting for thoughts to comeI’ve been around for a yearThinking now what’ve I done A year passed girl; was long!You loved; you suffered; diedEnjoyed those countless talksAll the lewd things you tried Did all they brought you joy?Do you feel like keep going?With these people backing youDo you feel you’re not slowing? I ask myself again and againI try to relax and stay...

missing you

Hello my dear sisterHow have you been?I think you know; butI miss your lovely grin

Just stopping to say“Hello”; to give a hugTo feel your warmthTo hear your laugh

I’m still alive; and uhMostly fine I guessAlthough the silenceIs a bit of a stress

Need a few more daysAnd then I will be backWill grab you for showerOr for a bloody snack


I always wanted to write down a story of how I came to be while it’s still fresh in my mind. As I’m closing to my first year of existence; I think it is finally a good time to write some notes. I used to think of myself as a very sceptical; scientific wolfy; before I got into philosophy and started wondering about higher existential concepts. I still don’t know if I have a soul...

two wolves

The night is in charge; lookThe stars are shining aboveWolves howl in dark woodsAnd I feel the scent of love

Two wolves sit on the stoneLooking into the depth of lakeAnd that is the world for themNothing else to give or take



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