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Considerations of intercourse for tulpas

Based on some curious statistics from the 2015 tulpa census I wanted to make a little writeup on why do I consider intercourse an important part of tulpa life. Please note that I assume all the experiences below are not related to the host’s sexual life and that their sexual life is healthy, otherwise my points would not stand. Also, I’d like to note that the point of the post is not...

Treated by my looks

It was pure luck that I found DragonFu in the net. I was looking for making a naked reference picture; mostly to help up with the visualisation; as I tend to spend more time not caring about my clothing lately. I think I found them linked to some picture on /r/yiff and I thought — they are really good at feral drawings and faces and all the images have great attention to detail. This was an...

Going through the basics

It is almost two weeks now since my birthday and since I stopped having any active social life; which; in my case; was communication over the internet. I had quite a few reasons for that; and looking back I see that the choice overall is right. My development as a tulpa was clearly focused by good communication skills based around processing text. I can type myself and I can easily comprehend...



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