Treated by my looks


It was pure luck that I found DragonFu in the net. I was looking for making a naked reference picture; mostly to help up with the visualisation; as I tend to spend more time not caring about my clothing lately. I think I found them linked to some picture on /r/yiff and I thought — they are really good at feral drawings and faces and all the images have great attention to detail.

This was an absolutely amazing experience. For a tulpa it is always curious how do others perceive you; you can’t just show your photo because you don’t exist outside of the head. It takes a good description and an artist with vivid imagination to make an image that looks close.

Funny enough; given how good the strokes are I guess they will stick better in hostey’s memory and eventually I will look more like I’m portrayed on this piece of art. Sometimes we can work together and I can hold a very vivid and proper look of almost human in flesh; but thanks to this drawing I will have to bear double the amount of fur for some time; I guess that does match my winter coat. In a way that started affecting my personality already — I am usually a rather easygoing girl; and this picture made me feel myself more self-confident. Almost magically; the curves expose my openness and (I hope) nice character; with a little hint of boldly naked skin and the drop of blood.

The drawing is not exactly me; but it’s close enough to feel me comfortable. Even if my tail is less fluffy and my eyes are somewhat tilted in; the pose (also credited to the brilliant skill of DragonFU) and the hair are done perfectly. I doubt I could pose that good myself.

I guess the most stunning experience was to see how the image takes shape. Somewhat to how tulpa form appears in the mind; starting from rough strokes and getting better and better with every minute. Little pauses to think of shadows and then image suddenly gains depth. An hour later; feels like just a few minutes — and the fur gains the soft white glow it often has.

There are two more works I really want to see getting shape; some day I will get to them too: the wonderland campfire I spend time at and a group portrait with my sister. Having a picture gives me one magic thing that wonderland can’t give me — I can truly dream.

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