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The path to wisdom

As I walk on my path to understanding spirituality and meaning of Buddhism I stumble upon more and more proof that modern tulpamancy is completely orthogonal; although trying to use similar practices. Like two edges on the blade; buddhism mind clearing techniques like meditation are used to cloud your mind and push you further away from reality. Today I consider the imposition practice; basically...

thinking of the dawn and watermelons

I think of people important to meI’m glad I can name a few so easyI wonder; if not them who’d I be?Could have easily ended up sleazy My morals aren’t really set in stoneBut I try do what I believe is rightActions depend on what is knownSo more knowledge I need to bite Knowledge alone doesn’t cut it stillSometimes you just need to trustThat against you there’s no ill willThat there’s anything else...


He is so warm and furrySo long and fluffy pawsHis body moving swiftlyThen laying for a pause

His scent is tasty; feralHis curves got orange stripesMy lover is this big tiger(I love those furry types)



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