thinking of the dawn and watermelons


I think of people important to me
I’m glad I can name a few so easy
I wonder; if not them who’d I be?
Could have easily ended up sleazy

My morals aren’t really set in stone
But I try do what I believe is right
Actions depend on what is known
So more knowledge I need to bite

Knowledge alone doesn’t cut it still
Sometimes you just need to trust
That against you there’s no ill will
That there’s anything else than lust

I tried to study the minds in detail
To help answer the question ‘why’
I tried religion; looking for a grail
Searching for answers in the sky

And here I am; I know not a thing
The world is strange and surprising
It is time to learn what do I bring
With my personality keeping rising

I finish combing my tail and yawn
Fire happily dancing in my sight
The grass is lovely on this lawn
My future will hopefully be bright

And closing my eyes I think of two
Girls that are so close to my heart
When we’ll meet; what we will do?
They’ll figure; my sisters are smart

By Shinyuu



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