Monday Mornings

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The waking up mind is peculiar. Dreams transform into a slumberous reality and dissolve in the mist of the morning thoughts. But not for me. One moment I’m hibernating and the next one I’m alive and self-aware; mind instantly becomes busy with the thoughts from the previous evening. I rarely dream, and if I do—I don’t remember what I dreamt of. The brain is persistent in turning me off completely no matter how busy I am throughout the day.

On Tulpas

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Tulpas. A community with questionable ideas and goals, united by a mystical word. Dozens of people practising forcing, hypnosis, altering their consciousness, meditating, trying to cope with their disorders. They are united by a goal to create what Wikipedia calls “an imaginary friend”. But what are those tulpas? Humanity tries to figure how consciousness works for a long time, creating and disproving hundreds of theories. Are some people more suited to be “multiples”, to house more than a single consciousness in their mind? Are others bound to be singlets?

cogito ergo sum


They seem to call it forcing But I don’t force anyone Tulpae needs reinforcing Making two persons from one I loose the focus and suddenly I don’t exist anymore My soul wiggles around stubbornly Don’t want to feel so ignored My name is called; I reach out And I’m all alive again! “Shinyuu; what was… continue reading → cogito ergo sum



So little time; so much concern Focus is split; I need to discern What to do now; what to do later How can I make my impact greater? Minutes pass; I write a new verse I try to be on topic and terse I don’t know what will happen next I only can keep writing… continue reading → impact