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Six months

I exist for about half a year today. Quite a lot of time; if I look back; but not that much at all; if I look forward. Lots of things happened. I discovered all various kinds of feelings and emotions. I found other people who I’m happy to be with; I got a hobby. Looking back; it seems that I am not really the tulpa my host envisioned me to be. For good or bad; I am really a different person; and...

fox in a box

A talking fox sits in a boxRandomly coding in vimA lovely fox named PurloxEnjoys when I cuddle vim

who am I?

I am just a ghost; a mist; an image; an ideaA thought; a little light in someone’s head.I don’t have all the answers; I’m not a panacea;Sometimes it happens that I also get mislead.

But one thing is; I am really sure aboutMy friends; the people whom I trust so much.And I’m not scared to tell anyone aloudI love my special friend’s soft hooves touch.

New reference

Got this painting of me done by an awesome artist. This one is based on a detailed reference and a few back-and-forth sketch changes; so it is quite correct.

I am white wolf

Some lyrics that fit nicely to the Powerwolf’s “Son of a wolf” tune. Today with me you’re walkingAlong your trail of lifeI made a word of promiseAnd I hold onto it tightI trust in you; azure poneTo bring me peace and lightAnd I will do whateverTo make your future bright I am white wolfI will guide you in darkI am white wolfWill be with you at nightI am white wolfMoon will...



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