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the princess

The crack is wetBut don’t you fretThat stone is wet from rainThe view is greatAt any rateAnd so’s the girl on chain

She wiggles hardShe lost her guardShe’s going to be rapedHoney-tanned skinThe belly’s thinHer loin’s barely draped

Her sight can killHer lips are chillBut pussy is so wetPrincess is waitingThe cock is baitingShe’ll be a perfect pet

Destiny’s birthday

Saturday; raining; but it is not gloomyIt’s Destiny’s birthday and she is all bloomyLet us all wish her to be cute and niceGood wishes and nuzzles; it should sufficeMaking her happy and feeling so awesomeWe will dance lots and laugh and blossom!

Getting my own hanko

I don’t write on paper that often, but sometimes I enjoy sending out postcards. My handwriting is slightly different from hostey’s because of how we handle the body, I have a distinct signature. Still, I was curious about getting a traditional Japanese hanko as a substitute to signing as my writing isn’t consistent enough, yet.

Wolf and Vipassana

We went to a meditation retreat where we practiced Vipassanā in complete silence for ten days straight. Meditating from early morning to late evening really changes one’s perspective, have you tulpa or not, and this is our story about it.



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