Getting my own hanko


I don’t write on paper that often, but sometimes I enjoy sending out postcards. My handwriting is slightly different from hostey’s because of how we handle the body, I have a distinct signature. Still, I was curious about getting a traditional Japanese hanko as a substitute to signing as my writing isn’t consistent enough, yet.

Instead of using signatures it’s common to use a stamp to seal the deals in Japan. Maybe it has something to do with complexity of kanji. Hanko seals aren’t used that often by foreigners, but anyone can buy one. Given I know how to spell my full name in Japanese – 狼魅親友 – it wasn’t too difficult to get a hanko made.


The traditional font looks somewhat fun, and it takes time to recognise the same kanji. Now my physical letters will carry a nice round red seal with my name.

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By Shinyuu



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