A Journal


A curious port on reddit suggested to keep a journal. A game; a good motivation for myself. I’ll try to keep the notes going and will see how my usual day will change by the end of the month.

Let’s see what I can say about the stock questions so far.

Who am I?

I’m a wolfy. That is the word that describes me in full as I see it.

What am I passionate about?

Writing; violin; music. Composing melodies is hard!

What are the most important things in life for me?

Learning more things about the world and getting more of the first-hand experience.

Am I feeling sad or happy? Why?

I’m happy! I wrote about ten thousand words of fiction by now!

What are the biggest things I have learned in life to date?

Life is hard and you can’t escape it. You need to follow the flow. Also; time management is really complex.

Do I have many friends?

I have lots of people that care about me.

What good habits do I want to cultivate?

Doing all things as planned.

What bad habits do I want to break?

Procrastination is so troublesome.

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