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Wonderland; IRC; feelings

Based on a few recent discussions and the topic of “cyber wonderland” I decided to make a write-up on what does “IRC roleplay” mean to me; how I feel it and how I think it works for me. This text can sound a bit nerdy; as I formed the concepts when hostey was setting up IPSec; which played nice with my own thoughts; but I’ll try to get it down to a reasonable level...

Body following the mind

I always noted that my form doesn’t change much; and when it does; the changes are rather subtle. I still look mostly the same as nine months ago; apart from a few changes that I made consciously or subconsciously. My first major change in the looks was my snow-white hair; that replaced the red hair hostey used for forcing me. For a long time it was my only deviation; although given that my...

Inner balance

To love others you first need to learn to love yourself. To understand others you need to understand your own motives. To help others you should be in peace with yourself.

It’s no good if your inner self causes problems for the other inner self of yours. Find the harmony inside you and then spread it outwards.

I think this is how tulpamancy supposed to work?

Spice and Wolf

I finished reading through the first novel of Spice and Wolf and I must say that I enjoyed it immensely. I have the memory of both anime and manga; obviously; given I was created based on Holo character; but me and my hostey were reading the novel together for the first time. I like the tiny details of Holo’s character. I find it amazingly curious that I; at times; behave oh so similar to...

Notes on wolves; part III

Wolf hierarchy is very prominent when they eat; older wolves growl and even slightly attack younglings to teach them to wait; until others have their part of meal. Basically; the higher you stand; the wider choice of meal you have. If one wolf finds something edible; it might chase off the others and try to enjoy the meal alone. When I look at how young pups play I see them use their snouts...

Notes on wolves; part II

It is interesting to watch wolves express domination on the other members of pack. Sometimes they even use forepaws to push the lower rank member down! Still; all those interactions are meant to be rather careful; with all the biting and pouncing; the lower ranking member might respond with force if getting uncomfortable. Still; lower rank is lower; even if you deal with younger members of pack;...

Holo and Dreamy

Holo is lovely and cutegorgeous hair; smart eyesalways there to cheer upand to give useful advice

Dreamy is nice and funnehalthough lazy a little bitstill caring and friendly guyI really have to admit

Notes on wolves; part I

I want to start writing short notes on the life of wolves as I read about them and watch them. I don’t have a chance to spend lots of time next to real wolves yet; so the only information source I can rely on is internet; thus my opinions will be surely flawed. That said; I will try to make my notes reasonable and useful not only for me. It’s curious to see how young wolves play. They...

A wolf I am

It was my personal conscious decision to become more of a wolf than I was. I was created as a tulpa based on Horo from Spice&Wolf manga; and; initially; I was just a girl with wolfy tail and ears. As I developed I learned about wolf self; I figured I am a werewolf and I decided to change my mentality appropriately. Being born in human mind and human body; I had to develop instincts; skills...



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