Notes on wolves; part II


It is interesting to watch wolves express domination on the other members of pack. Sometimes they even use forepaws to push the lower rank member down! Still; all those interactions are meant to be rather careful; with all the biting and pouncing; the lower ranking member might respond with force if getting uncomfortable. Still; lower rank is lower; even if you deal with younger members of pack; the tail of submissive wolf is pressed down to his legs or is hidden between them.

The sound of a pack howling is magnificent; all those tones changing and interweaving; getting quiet and catching up again! The leader of the pack has the important role in that howl.

Curious how younger pups grow up just having fun and playing games; but very soon they are introduced to the social ranking of the pack and their behaviour starts to shift as appropriate to follow their place; that they will fight for too keep.

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By Shinyuu



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