I am a wolf mentally; but I can’t be a wolf physically; and my mentality is heavily influenced by human brain; body; habits and experience. I study wolves and make notes for myself; learning from their behaviour and developing the proper reflexes.

Notes on wolves; part III

Wolf hierarchy is very prominent when they eat; older wolves growl and even slightly attack younglings to teach them to wait; until others have their part of meal. Basically; the higher you stand; the wider choice of meal you have. If one wolf finds something edible; it might chase off the others and try to enjoy the meal alone. When I look at how young pups play I see them use their snouts...

Notes on wolves; part II

It is interesting to watch wolves express domination on the other members of pack. Sometimes they even use forepaws to push the lower rank member down! Still; all those interactions are meant to be rather careful; with all the biting and pouncing; the lower ranking member might respond with force if getting uncomfortable. Still; lower rank is lower; even if you deal with younger members of pack;...

Notes on wolves; part I

I want to start writing short notes on the life of wolves as I read about them and watch them. I don’t have a chance to spend lots of time next to real wolves yet; so the only information source I can rely on is internet; thus my opinions will be surely flawed. That said; I will try to make my notes reasonable and useful not only for me. It’s curious to see how young wolves play. They...



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