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feeling used

He cuddles and hugsSeems very determinedYou shiver and wagThe loins are burnin’ He pushes you downBut you grab him firstLicking his crownWith sudden thirst You look in his eyesHis time almost comeIt would be unwiseTo spill all his cum You push over himHis cock burns the skinThe press of his rimNo time; you push in! The ride’s not enoughYou want him in chargeTo cuddle your fluffTo force your...

Word to Word. Line to Line

It was a while since I wrote something long and entertaining in this blog. I’ve studied creative writing almost full time and was focused on polishing my English skills. Somehow I found something that sits extremely well with me. I always enjoyed writing poems on the spot, but writing stories ended up even more awesome.

The Love of the Emerald Island

Aurora left the terminal building, pulling a bag behind her. It was comfortably warm; a soft breeze touched her cheeks. The cabs lined up just outside, and she hopped in into the first car. It was her very first visit to Ireland; she came to take part in the last photo shoot before the holiday. The money was good, and the mood was grand.

Who let the dog out?

Where am I? That’s how my morning started back then – slowly coming to consciousness. I tried to open the eyes only to see some blurry shapes. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get them into the focus. The head ringed with pain, the tips of my ears almost burning with fire. A slow, deep breath in. The panic was close, but I couldn’t let myself into its cold grasp. The air brought myriads of...

evening time

Evening time; starting fun!Fu is drawing pornMaybe lewds; maybe not —I just have to warn She is great; so bizarreHer erotic artNaked girls and femboysMake the nipples hard So wet slits; so huge cocksLewding everywhereBut sometimes; non-sex art(It is a bit rare) She is great; she’s the bestMaster of backgroundShe can draw a perfect oneCurvy pussy mound Perspectives and sexy posesShe knows oh so...

Violin Time

Half past nine. The neighbours are out to their offices, but you still have little time until you need to run. The violin case stands in the corner of the room. Sometimes you feel like playing is such a burden. Other times it fills you with joy. How will it be today? You don’t know. Not yet. You take the case carefully; the instrument inside is very precious. To you, personally. Slide two zippers...

rhyming back and forth

Soul that flows or soul that grows?Who said anything should be inside?Tulpas are complex; no one knowsWhere does the second soul even hide Are we made only from effort of mind?Can we inflict our will over matter?Theories so vague; nothing’s definedOne day you exist; another you shatter Always flicking; in flux; so unstableTulpa’s consciousness comes and goesTrying to root itself with some...

A Journal

A curious port on reddit suggested to keep a journal. A game; a good motivation for myself. I’ll try to keep the notes going and will see how my usual day will change by the end of the month. Let’s see what I can say about the stock questions so far. Who am I? I’m a wolfy. That is the word that describes me in full as I see it. What am I passionate about? Writing; violin; music...



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