The Love of the Emerald Island


Aurora left the terminal building, pulling a bag behind her. It was comfortably warm; a soft breeze touched her cheeks. The cabs lined up just outside, and she hopped in into the first car. It was her very first visit to Ireland; she came to take part in the last photo shoot before the holiday. The money was good, and the mood was grand.

A quick ride got her through the city centre. In here, the biomixed architecture carefully intermingled with old Gregorian houses. Skyscrapers of glass and grass stood behind little old buildings, at most two storeys tall. Aurora peeked out of the window, examining the structure across the street, an old church, grey stones covered in ivy. The building stood here for hundreds of years, unchanged. Right behind it the genetically modified elm embraced a tall building with strangely shaped leaves. She couldn’t see the building top from her position in here.

The city centre looked all green: old trees, spacious parks with rusty iron cast fences. The labels on the pubs lost most of the colouring, but the buildings were kept in good order. The car slowly progressed through a narrow street. Grey stone blocks changed to smaller brown bricks, all the buildings on the street looked crazily similar, like if they were copied from the same template, apart from the doors. Those were all different: red, green, blue, strong, solid colours. Some were covered in shamrock-coloured vegetation more than others but it looked deliberate. Sun shined from the bright blue sky. Aurora smiled, examining the tiny city. The corporations failed to turn it into the land of glass and steel. Emerald hues of genetically modified plants covered all the new tall buildings, making the business centre look a bit like the jungle. If the humanity suddenly went extinct, the cities would look somewhat like this in a few centuries.

The cab progressed further to the south, the company’s office was in one of the historical parts of the city. The lawns in front of the buildings started to resemble small dedicated parks by the size and looks. Buildings here cost a few fortunes. The area was inherently quiet, apart from occasional bird voices. The car stopped and Aurora found herself in front of a high stone fence, and a wide gate which was open. The address looked proper. She carefully walked in over the gravel-covered path. The pebbles looked perfectly matched to each other; Aurora wondered for a moment if someone bothered enough to make the artificial stones to the size.

The building suddenly appeared in front of her as she found her way out of the tall bushes. The ground floor of it was made of rough grey slabs, but bricks covered the facade of two upper storeys: dirty tones of orange with infrequent mixes of white. Through the huge windows Aurora saw a ceiling-tall painting on the wall.

Two persons appeared from behind the building: both were the Changed foxes. The male slightly nodded to Aurora as they walked past her, ‘how are you?’ The girl smiled and nodded back. She grabbed her bag again and proceeded up the staircase to a bright red door. It was time to get through the introductions, get a quick shower and have a snack before getting to work.

The water was warm. Aurora smiled and stretched in the white bath. She rested on her back; the body hid under a layer of foam. The vintage bath stood on a pedestal almost in the centre of the room designed by some bizarre British architect. Windows were narrow, slightly elevated.

Aurora was alone, relaxing after the long flight. She scrubbed the stress of a long trip and was enjoying herself in the quietness of the old Victorian house and this new place was driving her to be a bit crazy. Aurora made a quick glance at the closed door and slowly reached to caress her right breast. The water could be just a bit colder. She stretched her leg to the tap, flexible fingers turned the handle. She continued to caress her soft, furred bosoms. The girl was smiling with eyes half-lidded. She was thinking of the city outside, all the grass and trees, so unlike her homeland, yet so similar in many regards. Her loins were getting warmer and warmer with every minute. Aurora let out a moan and arched her back, her eyes focusing on the door again. The building was quiet.

She slowly reached her hand down, rubbing her belly in little circles. The fluffy tail appeared from underwater, all wet and covered in soap foam now. She examined it curiously, wiggling it left and right slowly, eyes following the wet fur, mind concentrated on the hand reaching between the thighs. Long gentle fingers were provoking the body, feeling around her womanhood. The index finger slowly entered inside. The girl smiled wider, feeling the silk of her skin. The water was making it bit uncomfortable though, and Aurora hopped out of the bath, wrapping herself in the long white towel as she walked to the door. A turn of the small golden key; and she was back in the game, spreading the sheet on the warm wooden floor and resting on it.

This time, she was more sure of her actions, reaching into herself she rubbed the velvet surface of inner walls, wiggling the finger around, breathing heavy, spreading her legs wider. She took the finger out and tasted it. Her scent, strong and wild, made her nostrils flare momentarily. She lowered the hand again, wet fingers carefully reaching to the clitoral hood. The girl arched her back as a wave of intense sensation rushed through her body, created by the precise finger strokes. She played with her body slow and fast, tail swishing uncontrollably. Her hand moved with a precision of a woman perfectly knowing how to satisfy herself.

Her eyes focused all around the room, the shiny surface of the bath, the wet footsteps with remnants of foam leading to the door, white walls, a small cabinet with bathing supplies, a wall mirror. She hopped up and reached to the cabinet, a brush with a round wooden handle was lying next to the mirror. All the supplies were new, waiting for her arrival, and she ripped through the plastic of the bag impatiently. The wood was smooth; the handle was slightly curvy, ending with a blunt spherical end. Apparently a custom-designed thing. She licked the handle, giggling, her cheeks flushing red from the lewd thought.

She returned to the towel, getting on her fours, reaching with the hand to her underbelly. The tail reflectively reached up as she moved the handle into her wet pussy, exposing her gorgeous nakedness. She moaned loudly again, enjoying herself, the brush handle worked out miracles with her body. The slurping sounds of the wood covered in her juice were driving her crazy. The girl couldn’t stop, couldn’t catch her breath, sucked into the motion, that was getting faster and faster.

Some men enjoyed sex with furries only for the sake of curiosity. Aurora was gorgeous, petite body covered in light and dark fur, sensual nipples, long dark purple hair. She was always a target of those odd men and she always stirred away from them. Her body was precious, and she knew how it worked.

The moans were getting louder; the girl continued to wiggle on the blanket, her movements becoming harsher and more demanding. The room looked smaller to her now, tightening up around her. The hard wood of the brush handle pierced her, sending the pleasing pulsations up her spine.

Aurora turned over, flopping on her back and moaning. Stretched on the floor she was almost animalistic, messy fur underlining her perfect curves, the hair scattering around. She shivered hard with every stroke of the brush she provoked, breathing in sporadically, the lust and ecstasy driving her up to a hair-thin edge that she didn’t want to fall from just yet. Every time she played with herself, she wanted the lust go higher, stronger, to force herself into the primal self, if it was at all possible.

She threw the brush away, reaching deep inside with fingers, her pussy contracting hotly around them. The edge was too thin for the girl’s mind to hold to; she had to release herself from the tension. She whined and moaned, reaching to the peak and flowing on the wave of overwhelming pleasure, soft tail fur swishing over the floor and leaving bit wet stains. The explosion of her orgasm rushed into the mind, breaking down any barriers of modesty that were left, and she announced herself to the world in a loud cry.

The body lied still on a crumpled towel. The fur started to dry out. Aurora languidly stroked her slit, trying not to touch the overly sensitive spots. This trip is undoubtedly entertaining, she thought, it was a while since she got herself this high. Giving herself a few minutes to rest, she got up and slowly walked to the mirror on the wall. It was antique; the copper frame oxidised in a few spots. Her reflection was visible good enough. The dishevelled hair covered her shoulders and upper body. In a sudden wave of fluttery, she covered her nipples with the locks. Girl’s sight travelled further down, over the white fur of the belly, to the spot that caused her so much pleasure minutes ago. She smiled and pushed the hair back over the shoulders, examining her breathtaking nakedness. “I wonder if they will want to make some naked shots in this set,” her voice murmured to no one in particular. The girl gave herself one last glance and went to get another quick bath.

Jessie smashed the bright red door in, pulling herself and her lover into the building, holding him close to keep the kiss going. The man closed the door behind them, grabbing the young foxy by her hips, moving his paws under her butt and lifting her up harshly. Jessie giggled, wrapping her legs behind his back, tail swishing under the short skirt. Her bared loins pressed to his belt, and the girl let out the moan as the cold metal buckle pressed to her pubes.

The male fox carried Jessie over to the small white wooden cabinet and rested her body on top of the correspondence scattered over it. The small hallway was bright, two tall windows let in the summer sun, the curvy Celtic pattern on the glass laid intriguing shadows over the female body.

Jessie was in heat, the only thing that mattered to her now was this guy’s cock. She tried to pull back, tugging on her short orange shirt, but he held her body firm, restraining the movements. Jessie could only moan, and so she did, letting out a deafening sound. Her hand tried to grasp for something, but probing over the table surface she only felt envelopes. Suddenly there was something solid, something to hold to. The foxy grabbed the object, whatever it was, her mind drifting away from the crazy burning between her thighs.

Clang! The foxes froze, turning their heads to the remains of a small vase on the ground.

‘That thing looked like it cost a lot,’ said the male after a minute of silence.

That is what you care about now?’

‘This is a rented place, we will have to pay the bill when we move out. A cleaning bill too.’ He smirked. ‘Let’s find a cosier place.’

He lifted the girl off the cabinet, fixed her skirt down and smiled. Her huff was loud, full of irritation. She took off her high heels and softly proceeded into the lounge, the soundless paws moving over the thick merlot carpet. Now that she was free, she pulled the stupid t-shirt over her head, exposing a fit young body, covered in a mix of orange and white fur.

Aurora was just leaving the bathroom as she heard the sound of something breaking downstairs. She clung to the knot that was securing the towel around her body and sneaked down the corridor. Trembling from every strange sound, holding her breath as she stepped on the stairs, she could only hope there were no creaking floorboards. Old polished wood felt cold under her feet. The girl continued to walk in tiny steps, trying to discern the strange sounds coming from the lounge. Furry lemur paws made no noise as she got to the door. It wasn’t closed, and she peeked inside.

The lounge was well-lit, creamy drapes covered the huge windows that were going all the way up to the high ceiling. A sturdy circular coffee table occupied the centre, it featured elegantly decorated short legs and dark oak surface. It housed a small tray with a milk jug. Aurora checked it out before, just when she arrived, and knew it was empty. Two big paintings faced the table from the walls. An old man in an enormous white wig was observing the room with a dark look. Definitely some medieval British lord, as Aurora imagined. The other wall housed a painting of a young lady in a pink dress. She looked sad and exhausted.

A long couch was facing away from the table and windows, towards the fireplace, and the door that Aurora used as a hideout. It was covered in green cloth, mixing nicely with dark wood and bronze inlays. The muffled sounds were coming from it.

Aurora gasped, covering her mouth with the hand. Those were the same foxes she saw earlier today when she arrived at this place; she didn’t realise they stayed with her. They were preoccupied with each other; the female stretched on the couch on her back, her long red fur flawlessly mixed with the cloth. Her body was slim and completely free from any clothing. Fluffy tail swished side to side. Aurora could see her clinging to the fabric, her eyes shut, the curves slightly tense, she was breathing fast. The head of the male fox was between her things, moving up and down gradually. The lemur bit her lip, she could almost feel the warmth radiating from the other female’s loins. Never before she stumbled on someone’s act, it was strange to witness it. Slightly uncomfortable. Deeply concerning. Very arousing. Her body wanted to take the place of that fox right now, she could feel her nipples sensually rubbing against the towel as she breathed. The air was too warm to wear it either way and Aurora carefully unwound the knot, towel softly falling to her feet, revealing the grey fur of her body.

Jessie wiggled on the couch, the feeling became almost unbearable. She felt the rough tongue deep inside her, teasing the silken flesh. Struggling to hold on the sofa, she grabbed the cloth, too smooth to hold her securely. The scent of the male’s pre-cum was driving her insane, filling the whole room. Strong, vigorous, it was a smell of the determined man.

The man pulled back slightly, giving a quick glance at the Jessie’s face. His fingers slowly entered the slit, swollen lips wrapped around, almost burning his skin. His sight moved lower again, to the pubic fur. The chest and belly were covered in short white hair all the way down to his tail, but some hairs just over the crotch were dyed red, same tone as the fur on back and sides, making a lovely heart shape. It wasn’t here two days ago, Jessie must have done it yesterday, he thought. He knew the girl was crazy about him, more because her natural cycle now, though. He’d lie if he said he didn’t want her. The cock was hard in his pants, bulging against the jeans, the belt was making it almost painful. He got up and unbuckled the belt, pushing the pants down. Jessie moaned, he saw a shiver run through her body. He could barely hold himself, the taste of the fox’s juice on his tongue was exciting. Sour, with a little intimate sweetness, she was like an exquisite fruit, fully ripened and waiting.

Aurora’s eyes widened. From her cover behind the door she could see both the foxes excellently. She saw how the male pressed the erect flesh to the female’s crotch, how he moved the hips forward. She saw the expression on the girl’s face, the mix of wild lust and acceptance. She pressed her palm tight to her own crotch, it almost felt like she was the one penetrated right now. The thought of a long, strong penis, with a bone inside, pushing deep into her – it was driving her crazy. The male fox slowly pulled out completely, stroked his shaft and reached his wet paw to the female’s face. She started licking the hand eagerly, and at that moment he pushed all the way in again. Aurora saw the widened eyes of the other girl, gasping at the same time with her. Her hand slapped over the lips, trying to keep herself quiet, she watched the scene unrolling before her eyes. The sex was wild, absolutely animalistic. The partners didn’t care about being quiet, their sounds becoming less human and more primal. Aurora’s nostrils fluttered, the scent of the action reached her. The deep musky tone of the male made her lose the balance and grab the door frame. It was so hot, so intense, full of pheromones that urged her to submit.

She suddenly realised she was fingering herself, and squeezed her thighs, locking the finger inside. The foxes seemed to be busy with each other and she just stood there, watching. She had to walk away, but she couldn’t; the body succumbed to the scents. The finger found its way out and in again, feeling inside, stroking her, gently moving over the clitoris and diving inside again. Aurora was mesmerised by the action, her hand had a mind of its own now. Her eyes were locked on the pink flesh, looking so vivid, surrounded by the orange and white fur. She saw it glistening the moments it was outside. The short moments. The male increased the tempo, holding the legs of his partner. She was shivering and yiffing, trying to grab his hip and slow down the rush. Aurora saw the base of the penis swell slightly, her loins responded with another wave of fire to that sight. For a short moment, the whole scene froze in her mind in a crystal clear image. The female fox arching her spine. Her head pulling back, a wheeze coming from the throat. The man thrusting forward. His knot expanding. It pushed the outer labia to sides, stretching the skin. Too big, it couldn’t fit inside. But no, suddenly it disappeared from the sight. The wet spot on the sofa right under the crotch – a dark bit surrounded by the mix of emerald cloth and golden fur. The British lord on the painting discontentedly looked down at the pair.

Aurora’s body squeezed around the fingers, little lemur girl bit the lip hard, trying to hide her presence, the shocking blast shot from her lower body, mixing with the pain in the mouth, metal taste of her own blood, all the feeling mixed up and exploded in her mind.

She collapsed to the ground. The last thing she saw through the opened door was foxes embracing each other, the female twitching like if something blasted deep inside her. Aurora gasped, clinging to the wooden floor, she pushed her trembling body away, to the stairs and up into her room; the body twisting in climax while she crawled. She couldn’t remember how she got into her bed, finally passing out under the covers.

Some time later the man got up, smirking at the look of sleeping Jessie. He released himself from the grasp of her body and stretched. As he was leaving the room, he suddenly stumbled on the wet towel just outside the door. The sensitive nose immediately noticed the scent of a few drops of blood. And something else.

By Shinyuu



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