Wolf and Fox


I wanted to show you one of the secret sides of myself, along with my special someone. Fu kindly provided a gorgeous drawing, and I wrote a flash fiction. The scenes are different but the actors are the same. I think we’re a lovely couple!

I waggled the pen again. The ink wouldn’t flow and the page cut off mid-sentence. A few drops of bloody red – the result of my vigorous shaking – spread below my quick cursive.

I closed the notepad and stretched, looking at the sea. The house stood on the edge of the cliff and nothing obstructed the view from the terrace. The waves looked small from twenty metres above yet they smashed into the rocks with a blind rage, bubbling up with white as they filled the cracks in stone. The sea was unrestful. So was I.

Fox wagged his tail around me, reminding we were on a honeymoon now and then, but every morning I’d sneak out, sit on the terrace and watch the sea, pretending I’m trying to write. I laid out my pens, sorted them by size or by colour, opened the notepad, and sat there for hours until he’d come for me.

I left the table and leant on the bannister. The wind blew fast, raising the salty drops all the way up, throwing them into my face. Layers under layers of mist hid the sunlight from me, yet still I could see a glimpse of the sun – a pale circle shrouded by clouds, as though the Moon was crowning the misty morning.

I smelled him before he entered the room. The musky bestial aroma of his fur couldn’t be confused with anything (and nothing could muffle its scent). His claws clacked against the tiles as he entered the terrace, then his fur pressed to my back.

‘Hello gorgeous,’ he said and churred under my ear. The deep reverberation of his throat sent shivers over my skin. ‘How’s the story?’

‘Stuck.’ I huffed. ‘The bloody pen wouldn’t write.’

‘Looking for excuses, are you?’ He nipped my ear, and I flicked it. ‘You need to relax.’

As he continued to fondle my ears, the warmth spread from his crotch – his unsheathed cock pressed to my thigh. I bent forward, leaning further on the railing and moved my tail aside. The solid contact forced my mind to surrender and to give up on the writing thoughts.

Fox growled and his breath warmed my skin. We had sex so many times and still, the sensation of his cock pushing into me, growing inside, it always gave me shivers. His cock worked inside me and with that he became rougher. The sea smashed into the rocks and his cock smashed into me. He made me forget everything, lose myself in the sensations, give up to him. As his knot swelled I yowled; a quick thought about my recent period washed away even before it finished forming. I couldn’t care less, now. He bit my neck while squeezing my breasts, almost lifting me up with his harsh thrusts. My body reacted on its own, cramping around his cock, squeezing his knot. His rasp howl mixed with mine as he released himself into me.

I pressed his paw to my belly, trying to remember if I packed the morning-after pills. The sun broke through the clouds, shining on us, and I smiled.

By Shinyuu



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