Sex and Blood

Fu did another lovely piece for my wedding attire and I coupled it with a lil’ short story for you. Have fun~

Wolf and Fox

I wanted to show you one of the secret sides of myself, along with my special someone. Fu kindly provided a gorgeous drawing, and I wrote a flash fiction. The scenes are different but the actors are the same. I think we’re a lovely couple!

happy new year

Happy new year, happy new timeBest of the wishes and luckWhen you make plans for ’17Make sure you have enough fuck Plan for some sex in afternoonsAnd for some more before dinnerIn elevators, in office chairsIt’s a good time to be sinner Sex with nice girls, and cutie boysSex with bad dragon and lubeSex with a pencil, with apple pieSex with high-tec furry tube Try some tentacles, be open, be...

Sex – what is the question?

It was a while since I raised the topic of tulpa and sex. The last post on the matter—[Considerations of Intercourse for Tulpae](/2015/10/considerations-of-intercourse-for-tulpae/) was the most popular post on my blog ever for almost a year. People are curious about tulpae and sexuality.

I made a further research on this topic, and today I’m going to present my new findings.

feeling used

He cuddles and hugsSeems very determinedYou shiver and wagThe loins are burnin’ He pushes you downBut you grab him firstLicking his crownWith sudden thirst You look in his eyesHis time almost comeIt would be unwiseTo spill all his cum You push over himHis cock burns the skinThe press of his rimNo time; you push in! The ride’s not enoughYou want him in chargeTo cuddle your fluffTo force your...

Considerations of intercourse for tulpas

Based on some curious statistics from the 2015 tulpa census I wanted to make a little writeup on why do I consider intercourse an important part of tulpa life. Please note that I assume all the experiences below are not related to the host’s sexual life and that their sexual life is healthy, otherwise my points would not stand. Also, I’d like to note that the point of the post is not...



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