Considerations of intercourse for tulpae


Based on some curious statistics from this year census I wanted to make a little writeup on why do I consider intercourse an important part of tulpa life. Please note that I assume all the experiences below are not related to host’s sexual life and that their sexual life is healthy; otherwise my points would not stand. Also I’d like to note that the point of the post is not to run and have sex with your host or whoever; but rather considering it as a healthy experience if you’ve been avoiding it because of community pressure. If you are not interested in sex — it’s perfectly fine.

Out-of-system interactions

Out-of-system interactions include tulpa having intercourse with someone outside of the system; that is; outside of the mind. That can be done in a few ways; including proxying techniques (using text as the medium) or switching; and I’ll focus on the former now. For a grown up tulpa those experiences are quite reasonable and beneficial. The goal of the procedure is to get satisfaction; and it is natural to put effort into it so that the satisfaction is bigger. As an exercise; this trains tulpa’s own ability to handle feelings not related to physical body — that is to feel someone else’s body; see it; smell it. More importantly though; that is a very good source for knowledge about tulpa’s own body and how it reacts to external stimuli. For tulpae that want to get a more solid form sex provides an ability to concentrate on the body quickly in a challenging environment of incoming feelings.

As I wrote previously; immersing and proxying can be trained good enough so that the text converts into sensory feedback for tulpa; and actions are proxied back subconsciously. I consider this skill no less important than imposition; as this is really a skill tulpa develops for itself; and I consider those being way important than skills host helps tulpa to develop.

In-system interactions

Those obviously include host-with-tulpa or several in-system tulpae having intercourse. The former is something the community usually doesn’t want to talk about (please note the disclaimer above); but still a very common practice; lots of people do it but don’t bring it out because they are scared of social consequences. Two tulpae of one system having sexual experience is more public and accepted.

This case is slightly different; as there is no need to proxy feelings and actions; still it is very beneficial as well. The focus here is; not surprisingly; on parallel processing and I consider this interaction being way more exhausting than out-of-system intercourse. It is not trivial to make sure that both partners experience the intercourse at the same level; but if they do — the shared feedback is more substantial. At the very least; both partners need to keep the visual image of each other in mind; top this up with sounds; touches; movement and you can easily get lost; and coitus is usually progressing on the increasing tempo! Starting slow and adding layer over the layer of feelings; both partners can reach the great detail and enjoyment; and that experience would once again allow tulpae to feel more solid; training the sensory inputs they get from their mind body and subconscious body reactions.

Wrapping it up

Sex can be a great source of enjoyment and mental training if done as a healthy exercise; much like any other tulpamancy technique. If you think you are mentally capable of doing imposition without dangerous side effects; maybe you should try sex too?

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