A year after


2018. It was an interesting one. New trials, new challenges, new horizons. I’ve seen through it and I survived and grew older – hopefully grew wiser, too.

Lots of self-doubt, typical for who I am. Occasional depression, rarely hype. The train of my emotions has unsteady rails, it goes up, then it goes down, sometimes it goes underground.

I’ve started the year with adding the guiding stickers to my violin. Twelve months after I’m removing them because my hearing is good enough and my fingers know where they should go. I’m slowly getting used to the big hands I’ve got, I tackle new challenges (I love Bach!). I’m trying to use both my violins equally and I don’t really have a preference. It’s often hard to find the time to play and having the classes as a dedicated time was crucial to my progress.

My writing was hit and miss too. Mostly the latter as you might have noticed from the limited blogging. I’ve finished only a couple stories and overall I’m not satisfied with where I am right now. I think I can do better but I stopped publishing my works because I wait for them to become better. Guess that’s stalling my progress and my major plan for 2019 is to get back to active writing. I have a short story with some marvellous cover art that I’m publishing really soon now; becoming a published (eh; self-published) author. I have big plans for the feral lust – my werewolves novel that I re-wrote from scratch. Every draft brings me to a better closure so maybe I’ll finish it, eventually.

I’m dating the same guy for almost a year now, my personal life was never this steady. He’s nice and fluffy and caring. Absolutely awesome!

I’ve been involved more and more in the moderation efforts for our little psych sub; I think that one’s going fine. It feels good to help people, to motivate them with a personal example – so I have to become a better person.

Finally, lots of books I went through this year. I’ve embraced the bullet journal system for my notes and I’m taking extra care to keep the books as a research, not entertainment time. Notes, analysis, ideas – all the things I should eventually start blogging about.

And thinking of books, I’ve got several new arts from the same old artists and a few new ones. They all are amazing people; a pleasure to work with.

So, 2019, what’s it going to be like for Wolfy? I think it’s my year of trying to be mindful of others and my year of being openly curious again. My year of questioning everything not because it sounds odd but because there’s something to learn in any situation. My year of listening and comprehending. There’s a lot you can learn even from the complete silence if you’re ready for it.

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