The Wakeup


She stretched her arms up and yawned, long canines flashed in the light of the morning sun. The window was open, and the waking up forest filled the bedroom with the scents of pine and ferns. The cold gust of air ruffled her long white hair as she reached to the window-still and peeked out at the woods. The sun shined on the endless rows of trees; the place was dead quiet. She was absolutely alone.

She smiled, and took a deep breath in, shook the hair off her shoulders and let the howl out. The clear sound echoed into the forest, changing tones, going up and down, beating, pulsing, turning into almost a harsh barking and then becoming clean again.

The girl relaxed her body and turned back into the room, walking up to a tall mirror and examining herself. Her eyes wandered up and down over the reflection. She stroked her collarbone; the hand meandered down to her chest, cupping her breast, brushing over the perked nipple. She grabbed the other breast and squeezed them together, considering the looks in the reflection. The hands glided over the soft skin down to a neat belly button. She tensed her abs, critically examining the body – the abdomen was athletic and muscular, but she wrinkled her nose.

Her hands moved further down to the hips. She turned sideways; her tail flicked up and a soft canine scent mixed up with the pine-tainted air. The eyes glanced over the messed up fur.

The girl opened a drawer and grabbed a simple white shirt. It wrapped around her fragile form, following the curves of the body. Swirling in front of her reflection, the wolfy smiled. Her nipples poked through the thin fabric as she buttoned the shirt up. It was short, leaving the fur on her underbelly exposed, and the tail flushed high, wrinkling the shirt, exposing the gorgeous curves of her buttocks and balancing the view of her hips.

Satisfied with her image, she grabbed a comb and returned to the window, looking at the forest while brushing her hair. Usually, it would take an hour to make that heap look properly, but this morning she only spent a few minutes on it. The dishevelled locks matched her simple clothing.

Her mind raced. Things to do. Things to see. Things to dream about. Thoughts scurried inside of the skull, but her dark amber eyes remained calm, examining every tree in her field of view.

Her ears flickered.

‘This day will be good; mm?’

‘It should be.’ I moved from the door frame and walked to the window, standing behind her. The wild canine scent hit my nostrils from this close. It was hard to resist the instincts it was waking up, and she knew that. Her ear twitched again, and she turned her head to grant me a playful smile, ‘your nose is getting better.’

She chuckled and returned her sight to the forest once again, resting the comb down.

I hugged the small frame of her body, pushing my nose into the white heap of hair and taking a deep breath in. Her giggle was sincere, and her tail brushed over my leg. The day started just right.

By Shinyuu



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