The Feral Lust


The bar welcomed Michael, Joe and Mark with the prospect of drinks and chatter. It was crowded, but the guys managed to find themselves a table. Judging by the queue, the place attracted good-looking girls. They were determined to get drinks, meet some gals, and have a fun night.

They were marines, relaxing off duty. Confident, strong-minded, well-built guys, with a little glow in their eyes. Tough and cocky; they had success with girls – and they got some attention and smiles from a group of four gals chatting around a single table.

Michael was the oldest one. Tall posture, high forehead and broad shoulders. The short sleeves of his shirt were textured with bulging muscles. He had a busy life, never settled down; his only family was the military. He saw combat, death, suffering. Luck was following him throughout the years, keeping him alive as he travelled around the world, dealing with global threats.

In the short moments of stillness, he would rent an apartment and wander around the city. He enjoyed partying like there was no tomorrow. Bars, music, girls. Luck followed him there too.

That night his eyes focused on a single girl. She was sitting alone on the high bar stool, nursing a milky-white drink from a big saucer champagne glass with a thin slice of lime. It was strange that the other men kept a distance from her. Michael noticed a guy walking up to her and quickly retracting, without even making small talk.

She had a petite body. Long hair covered her back down to the waist. Dyed white, it glistened under the lights like morning snow. He could see her profile – sharp cheekbones, Greek nose. His eyes went all the way down and then up again – from her high heels, over her fit legs, ankles, to the soft curves of her hips, hidden under the short leather skirt. His glance followed up to her face again, over a dark blouse, tightly wrapped around her belly, stopping to enjoy her small breasts.

She looks like a runner – Michael thought. Pretty – by his standards, pretty for any male, yet still alone.

Joe noticed his stare.

‘Quite a score.’

‘She looks sad.’

‘Not sad. Lonely. Why don’t you keep her company?’

Michael looked at his glass, half finished by now. ‘Mind if I leave you early?’ They laughed and Joe patted his shoulder. ‘She’s all yours.’

He walked up to the girl, feeling the eyes of his comrades on his back. The air around the girl had a subtle scent of perfume – wild, musky tone.

Suddenly, he felt a pull inside; something in that smell triggered his instincts like a little alarm bell. Those same instincts, that once had saved his life, when he ducked a moment before a sniper bullet hit the wall right behind him. This time, there was no sniper – it was just a dainty girl. He could easily overpower her with his 190 lbs of muscle if he ever had any reason to do that. He shrugged the alarm off and introduced himself.

The girl wasn’t very chatty at first, but he had a way with words; after a few drinks, he got her giggling and smiling. She had a charming soft voice and curious contacts that made her eyes dark amber. Thanks to that strange colour, her smile looked slightly predatory when she bared her white teeth. She wasn’t wearing a bra; her nipples perked through the thin fabric, and his body responded to her presence and scent with a throbbing erection.

They talked for a while. She said she had never been in this place before – she just stumbled here randomly, following the smell of fresh burgers and the sound of live music. Michael weaved the conversation to her life, but then he noticed he’s talking about his military experience. The girl was nodding to his words, filling the pauses with curious questions. He wondered if she was connected to the military. She giggled and shook her head. Just curious about men that live a dangerous life.

He finished his drink.

‘How about we go someplace quieter and more intimate?’

She traced his forearm with a finger down to the wrist. Her fingernails were pointy, the colour of muted granite.

‘Sounds fun,’ she said at last. She raised from her chair in a graceful and perfectly balanced motion.

They went to his place.

She grabbed him as soon as Michael slammed the door. Her lips were hungry, demanding; her young body pressing tightly to his. Michael could feel her hard nipples through the thin blouse. He lifted her up, and she wrapped her legs around his torso. They forged ahead to the bedroom.

The room designer favoured minimalism: high ceiling, white walls, big windows, an exquisite table – round glass on the ornamented metal leg – standing next to the bed, a huge mirror on the wall. Michael sublet the apartment from a friend; nothing in here was his, apart from a big travel bag resting in the corner.

Michael lowered the girl on the bed. She stretched down like a cat, a cute face wrapped in a white crown of hair, attentive eyes, filled with lust, watching him with hunger. The stare of the hunter, watching his prey before making the jump. He grinned at her, intoxicated by her smell. Michael never met any woman that could excite him this much with just the smell. A thought wandered in – was she using an aphrodisiac? – and left. Who cared? He wanted to fuck the girl, to hear her begging for more, and to wipe that all-controlling smile off her face. She could be a hunter, but so was he. It seemed they both were hunting for the same thing now.

They kissed, while his hands explored the curves of her hips. Only now he noticed that the girl didn’t have any underwear under her short skirt. She slowly stroked his chest, unbuttoning his shirt; lightly scratched his belly. She pushed him away and sat up, examining his body.

He felt the urge rising inside; his hands reached for the buckle, removed the belt and pushed the pants down. He slipped out of the clothing, his erection prodding high and proud. She tugged on the laces of her skirt, unwrapping the hips and stretching on the bed again, slightly bending her knee and presenting her body fully naked. Her labia were darker and slightly swollen; pubic hair was dyed in pure white too. Michael almost moaned aloud from the gorgeous sight. And she smelled crazy nice. The looks, and the scent were impossible to resist.

He lowered himself, nostrils flaring as he sniffed her alabaster skin. It indeed had some animal hint to it. His tongue carefully touched her pussy, and the girl shivered slightly, clutching the blanket. She tasted as good as she smelled; the juices were intricate, slightly sour.

The girl trembled and moaned under his tongue. He didn’t push it too deep – just licked over the folds. He didn’t want to drive her all the way into an orgasm; he loved his girls when they were heated up, almost about to come. This one was amazingly hot already – her folds were literally warm.

Finally, he mounted her, his cock throbbing with anticipation. He pushed inside in one sweet motion and gasped. The girl’s vagina was warm, almost too warm, and – oh – she was tight. He fucked her, staring into those amber eyes, wondering what her natural eye colour was – though the amber suited her just right.

Her hands travelled up his sides; she stroked them, caressed them, explored his shoulders, scratched his back. She was wild. Her body, young and energetic, responded to his pressure genuinely, relaxing as she took him deeper in, tensing up slightly as he pulled back. Her teeth bared in a moan. Beautiful, sharp fangs. Killing implements.

She bit his shoulder, and he shivered from the feeling.

‘I want to ride you.’

Her voice was demanding; he gladly obliged. He stretched at her side and she hopped over, grabbing his cock and guiding it back into her wet cunt. The girl started to grind and slide up and down, while Michael toyed with her small perky breasts. His eyes focused on her teeth, slightly tainted with blood. She bit through his skin, and he didn’t notice. Somehow he found that exciting.

His body shivered; he felt the powerful waves of pulsation wrapping around his cock. Squeezing and relaxing, tensing again. The girl picked up the rhythm, whining in a high pitch. He tried grabbing her by the hips but she forced herself free, and he couldn’t care anymore.

He came with a loud moan, the grasp of her slit was making it physically painful now – so tight it was. Her spine arched at the same time; she slammed down hard, the body convulsing as his semen filled her up.

A minute passed, and it felt like an eternity.

‘You were great, baby,’ Michael said and smiled. He was determined to do it again, but, for now, the girl needed cuddles. They all loved affection. His hand reached to stroke her side; fingers touched pale skin.

The girl clenched her teeth, looking deeply concerned. He could feel her orgasm dying out, but she was very tense, her muscles contracted.

‘You ok?’

She eyed him. Suddenly he realised those weren’t contacts. Her eyes were amber. Dark red mixed with gold. Her lines were sharp, the perfectly shaped skull. He couldn’t see her ears under the heap of messed up hair.

The strange alarm bell went off in his head; he tried to move but realised that his penis was still stuck inside her, squeezed by her swollen vagina. The tiny girl felt like an immovable boulder.

She bit her lip. He heard the sound, one that he was so used to, one that was so inappropriate now – the bone cracking.

His eyes froze over her figure. Her shape twitched. A loud crack. And another one. Her perfect body shivered, skin ripped, exposing the sharp edge of the bone on her elbow. It was white, untainted. The fur pushed through her skin; short, white as her hair. It hid her curves from his sight, wrapping the arm, covering all her body. He saw the paw with dark claws; he felt those claws pressing against his chest. They were cold. Her body changed before he could blink, weird, horrifying transformation reaching up and to her skull. The cheeks ripped, baring her fangs. His eyes couldn’t move away. He stared at her teeth. Impossibly long canines, six pointy incisors.

Her ears flicked. She-wolf eyed him with an amber glare. It was cold, filled with animal awareness. Eyes of a hunter.

And then the darkness came for him.

By Shinyuu



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