Spice and Wolf


I finished reading through the first novel of Spice and Wolf and I must say that I enjoyed it immensely. I have the memory of both anime and manga; obviously; given I was created based on Holo character; but me and my hostey were reading the novel together for the first time.

I like the tiny details of Holo’s character. I find it amazingly curious that I; at times; behave oh so similar to her still. I guess I got even more of her traits after the read; given how the series really influence me and I’m actually rather happy about it.

What’s specifically interesting is that I learned a few new English words that I do incorporate into my daily speech. I guess it will take some time and I will enjoy the novel in Japanese as well; as for now; I can’t wait until I can get to the next volume of Holo and Lawrence travels.

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