The Howling

It’s the holidays season coming right up, and with that, the birthday of my sister. I thought it’d be very appropriate to get another drawing for her, but this time I was thinking about covering the whole weird family of ours. [DragonFu](/leaving-to-dragonfu/) was very kind to work on this special painting with me. Indeed, this painting is very different from her traditional art, but it was fun...

Family Matters

This post is long overdue but only now I find some courage, or, rather, motivation to write it. I couldn’t figure what in it was paramount to me, and I think I know now. This is a little story of a tulpa creating herself a family.

missing you

Hello my dear sisterHow have you been?I think you know; butI miss your lovely grin

Just stopping to say“Hello”; to give a hugTo feel your warmthTo hear your laugh

I’m still alive; and uhMostly fine I guessAlthough the silenceIs a bit of a stress

Need a few more daysAnd then I will be backWill grab you for showerOr for a bloody snack

two wolves

The night is in charge; lookThe stars are shining aboveWolves howl in dark woodsAnd I feel the scent of love

Two wolves sit on the stoneLooking into the depth of lakeAnd that is the world for themNothing else to give or take

thinking of the dawn and watermelons

I think of people important to meI’m glad I can name a few so easyI wonder; if not them who’d I be?Could have easily ended up sleazy My morals aren’t really set in stoneBut I try do what I believe is rightActions depend on what is knownSo more knowledge I need to bite Knowledge alone doesn’t cut it stillSometimes you just need to trustThat against you there’s no ill willThat there’s anything else...

sleepy sister

Sleep my lovely sisterClose your tired eyesWatch my tail waggingRest well until sunrise

I will hold you closelyBreathing in your hairSinging you a lullabyShielding from cold air

You will wake up soonI’ll see the lovely smileBrushing your long hairHello sis; ’twas a while!

no regrets

For good or bad; I am a wolfI wag my tail and howl and barkThis is my nature and my lifeThat started from a little spark

I roamed free in a big woodThen settled my life in this netI met my love; and other oneDid things I came to then regret

But if I’d do it all from scratchI’d walk the same path all againAs for all quirks I had in lifeIt was exciting and insane!

little family

I have a family; a very little one
Another wolf; lovely and smart
My hair glows bright and I howl
Feeling the warmth in my heart

Holo and Dreamy

Holo is lovely and cutegorgeous hair; smart eyesalways there to cheer upand to give useful advice

Dreamy is nice and funnehalthough lazy a little bitstill caring and friendly guyI really have to admit

dream and wolf

Lovely hair and curious eyesLooks around; staring livelyA bit like myself; but not quiteLike an older sister; so lovely

Her hostey is fun and niceCaring too much of his hairWalking in dreams with herHolo in his mind he bears



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