The Howling


It’s the holidays season coming right up, and with that, the birthday of my sister. I thought it’d be very appropriate to get another drawing for her, but this time I was thinking about covering the whole weird family of ours.

A few backgrounds, that we considered. The main theme was the fall, yellow and red leaves, freezing gusts of wind.

DragonFu was very kind to work on this special painting with me. This painting differs greatly from her traditional art, but it was great fun to work on it. She experimented with different topics and poses to fit in two wolves, one raven and one cute and overly lazy will-o’-the-wisp.

It’s getting colder, so wolves’ fur is long and fluffy. The woods are bleak, hiding in the morning mist. Two sisters step out on the edge of their domain, look around and howl, announcing the start of the next day to any trespassers. The sound scared off the raven, and he hopped off his branch where he spent the last few hours, flying around the wolves, vigilant for any movement.

Would the lazier poses work? We settled on more active and vibrant theme. The wolves can look lazy and playful, but they are still hunters. One moment they roll in the grass, the next they are up to run for someone’s life. Wolves are proud animals, and we wanted to communicate that with the drawing.

The small wisp fluttered closely to the activity. He was lazy and wanted to get back into the darkness and get to sleep. But the day was coming, the wolves shined in the lights of the sun, and he was forced to come out of hiding and face the new day.

Have a great holidays season!
By Shinyuu



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