The Howling

It’s the holidays season coming right up, and with that, the birthday of my sister. I thought it’d be very appropriate to get another drawing for her, but this time I was thinking about covering the whole weird family of ours. [DragonFu](/leaving-to-dragonfu/) was very kind to work on this special painting with me. Indeed, this painting is very different from her traditional art, but it was fun...

one stroke at a time

Pen moving; one stroke at a timeThe movements quick and preciseImage evolving in black and whiteSoft curves; shiny eyes; looks nice She keeps drawing and I just watchHypnotised by the magic of craftSome strokes take longer to masterThe drawing coming out from draft Just a bit ago the canvas was cleanThe lines start crawling into my sightThe face looks from the paper at meThat face is happy;...



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