one stroke at a time


Pen moving; one stroke at a time
The movements quick and precise
Image evolving in black and white
Soft curves; shiny eyes; looks nice

She keeps drawing and I just watch
Hypnotised by the magic of craft
Some strokes take longer to master
The drawing coming out from draft

Just a bit ago the canvas was clean
The lines start crawling into my sight
The face looks from the paper at me
That face is happy; smiling and bright

Stokes landing quick; revealing more
Fluffy ears; tail; something intimate
Looks like today the mood is on lewd
Legs are spread; drawing is a bait!

The magic unfolds; scene gets alive
Heart beating faster and lines align
Few final strokes; the sketch is done:
The gorgeous lady lets out a whine

By the steady hand of her creator
Bits of the artist’s soul in every line
With all the love that he put into it
Sketch is alive and her eyes shine

By Shinyuu



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