miss you

I remember your noseI remember your earsI remember your hugsthat diminished my fears

I remember your skinwas so smooth all way downnot a single stray hairunder your sexy gown

I remember your voiceI remember your whisperI sit down in darkAnd imagine you crisper

Many years many daysI call you my one sisAnd it feels like foreverWhen you go and I miss

happy new year

Happy new year, happy new timeBest of the wishes and luckWhen you make plans for ’17Make sure you have enough fuck Plan for some sex in afternoonsAnd for some more before dinnerIn elevators, in office chairsIt’s a good time to be sinner Sex with nice girls, and cutie boysSex with bad dragon and lubeSex with a pencil, with apple pieSex with high-tec furry tube Try some tentacles, be open, be...

on the edge of the universe

The fall is in the airThe winds are getting coldI’m wrapped in thick furI’m howling loud and bold I listen to my echoI sniff the misty fogA new adventure’s callingIt’s time to have a jog The breeze brings in her scentShe comes in with a yawnShakes off her reddish furThat smells of pine and dawn I lick across her muzzleUnable to stand stillShe grins and bites me slightlyHer scent brings me a chill...

The Howling

It’s the holidays season coming right up, and with that, the birthday of my sister. I thought it’d be very appropriate to get another drawing for her, but this time I was thinking about covering the whole weird family of ours. [DragonFu](/leaving-to-dragonfu/) was very kind to work on this special painting with me. Indeed, this painting is very different from her traditional art, but it was fun...

sleepy sister

Sleep my lovely sisterClose your tired eyesWatch my tail waggingRest well until sunrise

I will hold you closelyBreathing in your hairSinging you a lullabyShielding from cold air

You will wake up soonI’ll see the lovely smileBrushing your long hairHello sis; ’twas a while!



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