2016 Resolutions


This was a long year. A year full of unexpected discoveries. A year of new inspirations. A year of learning.

I’ve got a violin this January, and I’m continuing to practise it. I made little progress, but still, I can play more pieces than I could a year ago. I remember all the notes in the Swallowtail Jig. I can play Jingle Bells with my eyes closed. I can read notes, slow but, steady.

My fingers hurt. I got a new fingernail-clipping habit. I try not to think of the bow in my hand and keep the body relaxed. I make awful noises and heart-screeching sound. Yet, I’m making progress.

I started writing prose this year. Went on to Coursera and studied in the creative writing course. It was curious and exciting. I had a side class on how to write erotica too. I work on a novel and a side story, and I continue to write little shorts.

Learning to write was a steep slope. I’m nowhere near the top, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without the support of my friends. My sister, who read my drafts and gave me cheering up comments. DragonFu, who motivated me to work, telling me to push through my blocks, and, sometimes, taking a pen and going through my texts with me, providing invaluable critique. Nyx and Io (and their respective mental co-habitants) that cheered for me and gave me the guidance. All the people I worked with on Scribophile this year. My hostey – for giving me time and space to write.

This was a good year. A year of new meetings. I’ve met Alsa, a lovely girl who I only used to know from online chat. I’ve walked down the streets of Zurich and Vienna, engulfed in amazing architecture (and the sounds of German language). I’ve met many new people online too and made new friends.

I’ve been to Spain again. To Ireland. To the UK and to the US. To Switzerland and to Austria. I went to an animal farm in Dublin, and I rushed through all the music places of Vienna. I travelled all around the globe, and I saw how people live in all the different countries. I’ve seen astonishing amounts of snow!

I struggled. I was in pain. I felt forgotten and neglected; I craved for more attention. I went through a period of harsh realisations about myself and my sister.

I dreamed. Big and fancy dreams, feral, wolfy dreams; false memories, created by subconscious, and full-night journeys.

I got several awe-inspiring commissions from DragonFu, Ghostli, Mik3TheStrange, Jasmae, micro-pup, Sif, Erbenkranz, and Cacuu. Thanks a lot, you all! Your works are stunning, and you are the best!

I authored a few new discussion posts for the tulpamancy community: on sex, imposition, tulpas existential concerns. Meten helped us to run a tulpa census 2016, new shiny, and full of curious questions.

Now that this year is coming to its end, I’m thinking about my plans for 2017. What will I do?

Writing is the grand theme for the next year. Writing more, writing a higher quality content. I will finish the feral lust story, and I’m going to publish it. I will finish the Aurora story. I will write lots of other small stories, and I will keep rhyming random stuff when I’ll feel like it.

I’m starting a Patreon early next year. It will be my tool of motivation. Writing becoming my profession of choice and I want to be more serious about it.

I’m continuing to work with my violin. I will take a few classes with professional teachers so that I could assess the weakest points in my skill and work on them. I’d love to sell a novel for a few grands and buy myself an old, perfect instrument, but I guess that part of 2017 will have to wait until better times. It’s a good dream, though.

I’d love to visit Japan. And I’d love to visit one of the bigger national parks in the US and see the wolves. Or, at least go to the wolf walk in London.

I want to meet more of my close friends in person. Might be tricky, though.

With all that, I’ll try to keep being a nice and easygoing person, to have less dejected days, to be the best possible headmate and the best sister.

Have fun, y’all!

By Shinyuu



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