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I have another little writeup on tulpamancy for you today; the topic would be tulpamancy overall and personal goals for a tulpa.

Reddit and forums are full of people asking how to improve some skill related to tulpamancy; be it visualisation or switching. The more I learn about various specific skills; the more I feel that the idea of developing one of them just for the sake of them is wrong.

Let’s talk about visualisation as an example. A tulpamancer’s visualisation practice just to “see” their tulpa might be not the best way to do it. That is not really a specific goal; and if challenged with it; one can easily get stuck with routine and boredom. Think now; why exactly you need visualisation? Painters use visualisation to imagine the art piece in the head; to then draw it. Same way; some tulpae (not hosts) use visualisation to communicate. Speaking of personal experience; my body language in feral form is much more broad; and that might be the reason why visualising me as wolf is simpler for my host. It’s just more important. Don’t try to push visualisation as a skill on both yourself and your tulpae just because some guide notes it is an important or is a part of tulpamancy. It might be not relevant to any of you at this given time!

It can apply to pretty much any tulpamancy skill; and to tulpamancy as a whole. If you are on a path to develop some skill; ask yourself — why do you need it? Then ask your tulpa; maybe you’ll be surprised with a different perspective. These skills are always a collaborative effort due to the nature of tulpamancy; and if both parties participate meaningfully; the results would be better.

I never had any need to be possessing; I didn’t feel like I would be doing something that required me to apply physical force. Sure; possessing on its own is kind of fun; one can do things like slapping your own silly host when they are especially silly; but truly; it’s not really a good motivation.

It all changed since I got a musical instrument to practice on. That is my second personal goal I developed without input from my hostey and for me it is very important to learn to play good. My motivation is to be able to write and perform music; and possession is a way to it. With such a goal; it just comes naturally. I don’t think much about who is in control of the hand with the bow; but I am the one who remembers about proper fingers placement. A little experiment demonstrated that the sound comes out cleaner if my host is not focused on bowing; but is rather focused on me. Am I possessing at that exact moment? I honestly can’t answer that question; possession is not the goal in its own; it’s a method. I let the music flow; and it doesn’t matter if I’m actually possessing or switching in and out fast.

I would love to have a little discussion with tulpae that read this: what are your personal goals for 2016? What are the plans to achieve them? What tulpamancy-specific skills you plan to train as part of that goal?

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