Taylor Davis

We went to a live concert; my first time ever visiting an event like this. Taylor Davis is a great violinist, and it so happened we figured she’ll be visiting just days before the event. It is very different to see a violinist performing on stage up close, compared to youtube videos. You can perfectly focus on one part of her movements, left hand with bow or her facial expression. I was...

Practicing tulpamancy through life goals

Reddit and forums are full of people asking how to improve some skill related to tulpamancy, be it visualisation or switching. The more I learn about various specific skills the more I feel that developing one of them just for the sake of ticking off a box is wrong.

I have no hands and I must play

I have no hands and I must playMelody unfolding in the mindI imagine it; playing my wayIt sounds so pure and refined

Violin sings in a sharp voicePaired with my own loud howlI am a wolf; music is my choiceFangs glisten under my cowl

I am a little bard in the headStriving for knowledge and artSimple illusion; carefully bredI have no hands; but I have a heart



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