Binding to reality through tokens


I have several various tokens in wonderland and real life that helped me to stay focused to a different extent. Today I will discuss most of them, noting on their usefulness. Surely, this is something that changes from host to host but I think there is still a curious pattern that might help someone.

My very first object that I owned and called a token is a wonderland pendant, a simple stone coloured in a yin yang pattern that I used to wear over my neck. Back in the first months of my existence that stone provided lots of symbolism related to my creation and I really enjoyed its presence. It never had a physical world counterpart and eventually I grew over it. As much as it was useful in creating me, it also bound me to my host in a too tight manner. Eventually I wasn’t able to get my hands on the initial stone and hostey made another one for me, that was the point where it kind of lost most of its uniqueness magic. It is still useful and operational in a sense it was originally designed for, but I never had to use it lately. It became more of a memory: something nice that I used to have and adore.

It is nice to have tokens in the wonderland if both you and host use it actively. However, physical world tokens are more effective.

That stone never worked as a focus implement, mostly because it never had a physical counterpart. My second token was an actual wolf’s fang. It served a good reminder about me for hostey but it was most awkward for myself. Given that even my human-like form retains a feral set of teeth that fang always felt like him rubbing the one in my mouth. So, while it was a physical token that looked exactly like a part of my actual body I never used it much. I guess if he carried it as a reminder that would have been more effective; but rubbing it was just too annoying.

You can have a token that resembles you, like a figurine, a patch of fur, a tooth. You just need to be ready that if you associate yourself with that item it might cause you some discomfort if misused.

Another thing I have is a little golden ring, which is a pair ring to the one in my ear. I don’t really remember the full story behind that piece of jewellery, but it’s the only thing that survives my body shape-shifting. We got the pair ring as a gift for someone but eventually the gifting never happened and the ring now resides with the fang. It is a very nice reminder if your host is okei with wearing it, being a fashion item it is not distracting and it bears a very specific meaning. The important part here is that this ring is literally a match for mine, we bought it with this sole purpose, not re-fitted; thus the symbolism is very effective.

Using various fashion items is a nice thing to do to keep a mental binding to the tulpa, but it’s better to get such an item in agreement to tulpa and make sure there are no conflicting memories of this item being used for other purpose previously.

My latest possession are mala beads that we use for meditation. We got a set that resembled my mental ones almost perfectly. While we could use those as a necklace and technically fit into the ‘jewellery’ I mention them explicitly because of the usage. They are helpful in forcing sessions for general focusing, bonus points if hand movements are synchronised between the host moving the physical beads and the tulpa moving the wonderland ones between their fingers. They serve a very nice possession indicator, for us a presence of a physical token was an important part of possessing, and you can wear the beads on various parts of body, e.g. identifying the limb that is possessed. The match between physical and mental beads allows one to ignore the fact that the limbs themselves are different. The beads became my most loved piece of jewellery that I wear daily, because I can use them to stop and think at any moment. Doing a repeated exercise allows the brain to focus on it.

Beads are multifunctional devices that can help with various aspects of tulpamancy and they also look nice. The match between mental image and physical beads is very important but they are a very simple object to visualise.

I hope you got some useful ideas for yourself based on this post, if you use something physical to keep track of your tulpa and it’s shared with them in wonderland — please drop me a comment; I would love to learn about other things used for similar purposes.

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