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The writer’s corner four is about reading. Might sound controversial, but reading is an important part of a writer’s life.

Roz Morris on Why Writers Should Read – an interview that focuses on reading habits.

Everyone has to find their own muses. It’s essential to have a range of writers who make you raise your game. I’m always trying to improve my storytelling and my use of language, so I gather writers who will make me sweat for better words and imagery, and who seem to handle the reader effortlessly.

That’s effectively what DragonFu told me once. Looks for the works that inspire you to be a better artist.

5 Reasons To Keep A Record Of What You Read – reading is only part of the game.

We’ve all started a book that we wanted to connect with but for whatever reason couldn’t. I never dismiss the possibility that I picked up a book at the wrong time, and that I should come back to it later. If you keep track of not only the books you read in full, but the ones you only read partially, you can check back in with them years later and give them another go. This is better than casting a book off entirely, or pushing yourself to finish one when you’re not keen on the experience. Move on to a new title without guilt knowing you’ve made a note to revisit it in the future.

I started using Goodreads to track what I’m reading, what I finished and what I’ve put aside. Knowing where you are is important.

Top 10 books writers should read – a good list to start with.

Writing can make you feel like a weirdo if you don’t already – but feeling like a weirdo is useless psychology for the job, hence this little book. Mason Currey has carefully compiled the daily habits and personal foibles of 161 great writers, artists, scientists and thinkers, including one who stood on his head to cure creative block. By the end of this book, our carpet-glue habit looks normal.

This is a book that definitely is worth to be on top of the list.

This is it for the week! Do you have any reading habits of your own? Share them in the comments, facebook, or mail them to me at writers@shinyuu.net. Still no mailing list. I’m bad at being tech-y.

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