Writer’s Corner #6


Welcome to 2017! This week’s writer’s corner is about some useful websites that are an invaluable help for any writer.


This is your go-to place for all things grammar and punctuation. Respect your peers and never send out a draft for critique unless you sorted the grammar first. It’s often hard to focus on the big picture if you keep wondering what did the author said while you try to figure if there should have been a comma or the sentence means something else.

Hemingway App

Your second stop is Hemingway app. It can suggest you some very curious insights on how your text flows. It’s free, and it helps you to focus on the readability of your work.


This is the best online community for writers I’ve seen so far. Definitely, a place to go to if you’re just starting to write, as you can get tonnes of useful information and invaluable critique for your work.

That’s it for today. I hope you will find these tools useful for your work!

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By Shinyuu



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